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I Have No Choice But To Produce Sales Instantly Using My Secret Methods

From: Armand Morin
Re: Marketing University Live In Atlanta, Georgia

First of all, I must be crazy to even attempt something like this, but actually isn't it refreshing that someone is finally putting his money where his mouth is? I'm pulling back the curtain and literally starting from scratch and having to produce sales out of thin air. 

Let Me Explain... 

Each time I put on a live event, I always struggle with how am I going to do tis different than everyone else out there. Let's face it, you have a lot of choices of where to spend your time and who to learn from, so what why should you learn from me? I've had many people request I do a video teaching them how to create a product from scratch and of course there's always someone asking how do I market my product.

Then It Hit Me... Why Don't I Settle Everything Once and For All So...

I'm Going To Create a Product, Build a Website, Market That Product, Then I'm Going To Give Away All The Money To One Person In The Audience - All The While Teaching You What I'm doing Step-By-Step So You Can Replicate My Success!

The Odds Are Good Where You Could Be The One That Wins It All

So What Will You Learn At This Event? Good Question!

You'll Be Learning The Latest Marketing Strategies To Market Any Business Using The Internet!

Here's Just a Few Highlights... 

  • The fastest way to create a website that converts and it's NOT what you think EVERYTHING else is dated. I'll show you how to stop wasting your money on something that doesn't work. 
  • EXCLUSIVE: Watch me create thousands of marketing pages live right in front of you.  No one has this, you'll see it live!
  • Discover the SECRET SCRIPT which gets a 50% OPTIN RATE CONVERSION every single time without fail. Start using it immediately!
  • Covert Copywriting words that make your prospects beg you to buy from your page in seconds after hearing them.
  • Learn my PIRATE STRATEGY to use Google to "borrow" your competitor's email list of people... LEGALLY!
  • Find out HOW TO FORCE SITES like CNN, Fox News, Huffington Post and others to run your ads for PENNIES on the dollar.
  • The Two Step FaceBook strategy to get more results from all your ads. Clicks, Likes or Optins it works every time.
  • You've heard of the "Dark Web", there's also "Dark FaceBook" where you can run ads that most people can't because they simply don't even know this exists. THIS IS 100% HUGE!
  • Use YouTube to Hi-Jack all of your competitors videos, tutorials and even their sales letters. They can't do anything about it.
  • Steal your competitors video traffic.
  • How to get 100,000+ video views for your videos in just a few days. It's easy once you know how.
  • Even repost your videos on FaceBook to get more traffic.
  • Develop a complete video marketing strategy unlike anything you've ever seen.

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I'm taking care of it all. Each day we provide an amazing planned lunch for ALL attendees. Not only do we make your life easier, but we this also is a huge networking opportunity for you.

You never know who you'll be sitting next to. It helps you connect with people over an amazing meal. Other events simply don't do this.

I've Given Away $350,000.00 At My Past Events Over The Last 15 Years and At This Event... I'm Going To Give Away $25,000.00 To One Single Person!

You Get To Help Me Choose Who... (You'll Be My Secret Judge... Shhhhhh!)

You get to be the judge at this event. I have students who've been working hard for several months this event is where they showcase what they've accomplished and how they did it and why they should win our Better Your Best contest. 

This contest has a Grand Prize of $25,000.00. We already of several judges in the audience but each year the crowd acts as a judge for the presentation aspect of the contest. You get to help choose who wins the Grand Prize. Next year it could even be you!


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