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For the first time ever, a 100% FREE Membership to the most comprehensive marketing training ever created. You too, can start learning the latest marketing strategies to market your business. Whether you have an offline business or an online business, Marketing University has courses and training designed just for you.

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LIVE Training Streamed To You Every Month!

We STREAM 12 HOURS OF LIVE TRAINING EVERY SINGLE MONTH! You'll get FREE ACCESS to the latest marketing training delivered LIVE to you. Our streaming is a high production development streamed in 100% HD quality. Its as if you are watching live in the same room with us. We even stream our computer screen so you can see exactly what we're doing.

Our Trainings Are LIVE Streams NOT Webinars!

This is UNLIKE ANYTHING you've ever seen before. Not only in quality but in knowledge. We call these lives streams INTENSIVES because we only talk about 1 subject each month and we cover it in depth so you truly know how to implement these strategies.

The Latest Topics To Build Your Business

Our trainings obviously focus on marketing your business. Whether your business is online or offline, these strategies will work for you. We focus how you can use the various online platforms such as FaceBook Advertising, Google Advertising, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and various others.

We also focus on various strategies which are proven to increase your traffic and or sales immediately. Our strategies are composed of the latest cutting edge material that can be found anywhere.

Live Questions and Answer Sessions

It's not enough to just get information. In learning anything, you'll ultimately have questions regarding any topic. Our goal at Marketing University is to make sure you never walk away from any of our trainings with your questions unanswered.

During each marketing intensive, we set aside time for you to submit your questions to us and we then answer the questions live right in front of you. You'll never walk away with unanswered questions.

Discount Tickets To Our Live Event

Marketing University conducts live in person seminars around the world as well. We currently hold seminars in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Australia. As a Marketing University Member, you'll receive discount tickets to attend these live trainings where you'll not only learn the latest strategies, but also meet other successful entrepreneurs.

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