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The Latest Marketing University Podcast Episode

Episode #037: FaceBook Advertising Adventures

You have to try everything in order to succeed. In marketing, it’s of the essence to test and test again FaceBook is a strange bird in that there are so…

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Episode #036: My Conversation With The Google Gods

In over 20 years I’ve never had an issue advertising on Google until the other day. After a little frustration, I did. I picked up the phone and bowed down…

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Episode #035: Because Ya Gots To Hustle

It’s interesting over the past few years there seems to be a movement of the demonization of hustling. People want thing, but they don’t want to hustle in order to…

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Episode #034: What is selective advertising?

Don’t believe the hype! Jeez I haven’t said those words in so long. LOL But it’s true. You don’t need to be everywhere in your marketing you need to be…

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Episode #033: Dude, It’s The Offer!

The offer itself make the world of difference. I would say even more so than the presentation. If your offer is not good, or not positioned properly, then no one…

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Episode #032: Am I Doing Everything?

Have you ever drove down the road thinking you got everything, but by the end of the street you remember you forgot something important like your pants, your kids or…

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