Are You Building Your Business Daily?

A common trap to fall into is to go and make a new product instead of marketing the product that you already have

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If you are working at home (especially if you are the only employee on your business) It is far too easy to maintain and remain in your comfort zone and not make any progress.

Are You Building Your Business Daily?

This is a huge problem.   If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying!   You are slowly losing subscribers, losing traffic and losing sales—unless you do a little bit each day to maintain, if not grow, everything you are doing and expand your influence.

How  do  you  build  your  business  every single day? Content, offers, and automation. Always generate new content.  Most people think I mean “articles.” Articles are good as long as you submit them not just to article directories, but also use them for follow-up sequences, blog posts, and email broadcasts.

Are you making a few forum posts every day  to  demonstrate  your  authority  and get linkbacks?   Are you sending out new joint venture emails to your old affiliates or potential new affiliates, to get yourself more traffic? You only need to write SOME kind of content to keep your business going.

What new offers are you adding to your business to make it grow? Here, most people think I mean “New products.”  Chances are you don’t have enough products.   But a common trap to fall into is to go and make a new product instead of marketing the product that you already have.

Do you have enough forced opt-in pages leading people to your sales letter? Are you split testing them? Do your forced opt-in pages have good enough bribes, or do you,need to create new bribes?

Are you posting new podcasts, or even just free audio recordings, on a regular basis to demonstrate your value?   Do you have a blog with a forced opt-in page to get a search engine ranking and search engine results?

Even if you only had one or two products, there are plenty of things you can be doing every single day to give more offers to people to get them on your list and up-sell them to your flagship product.

How much of this are you automating? With a service like Google Website Optimizer, you set up your split test and it tells you when to finish. You can leave it alone for a month or two and check back then.

Do you have enough autoresponder follow- ups?  Every modern autoresponder service stores your messages in a “Sent” folder. You can broadcast emails to your list now and then later copy “Sent Messages” into your follow-up sequence, so new people joining your list will get these messages as well.

How much are you outsourcing?   Do you need to create a logo for your website? Would you end up with a better logo faster if you simply outsourced it?  Can you dictate articles or get someone else to write blog posts for you?  

If there’s something you keep putting off, or you are not good at it, automate or outsource it so that it gets done on time, every time without you.

Those are 3 ways to build your business every single day:  with content, offers and automation.

Robert Plank

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