12 Traffic Conversion Secrets

Getting viewers who browse your site and move on to the next is no more productive  than  window  shoppers  at the mall. You make money online when you capture that traffic and convert the “lookers” into “buyers.” But that may not be as easy as it sounds.

12 Traffic Conversion Secrets

It can be if you pay attention to the details. Here are 12 traffic conversion secrets that even a newcomer to Internet marketing can do:

  1. Refine your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What makes your product special, different or better than a competitor? Once you have the answer, streamline into one or two concise sentences.
  2. Sound friendly, but not slick. Your sales copy needs to sound like one friend excited to tell another friend about a good product and a great buy. Avoid sounding like a high-pressure infomercial.
  3. Ask for help. Engage your readers by asking for their opinion on a survey or product rating. This not only gives you useful information it keeps them thinking about your product longer.
  4. Simplify the offering. If you have three different products to sell, use three websites. Don’t make the mistake of trying to offer too much at once. Too flashy can often be seen as too trashy.
  5. Leave some open space. Prepare a sales page that’s easy to read with wide margins.  You  don’t  have  to fill every inch. Leaving some white space helps the reader to better focus on the copy. You can be bold but use a delicate touch.
  6. Brag openly. If your product has a good rating or endorsements from satisfied buyers, then let them brag about the product for you.
  7. Cast with plenty of bait. In your sales letter and squeeze page, put out the “bait” for your offer several times, in several areas. Better too many offers than not enough to convert that buyer who is still uncertain.
  8. Find problems. Even after your  sales page is complete, keep an open mind about any other problems that your product can solve. You might get an idea of new ways to promote your product by asking buyers how they use the product.
  9. Use moderate highlighting. Yes, highlights draw visual attention but too many highlights or excessive colors frustrate online readers.
  10. Package deals are popular. After presenting your USP, sweeten the offer with a package including several free items as part of the “Buy Now” deal. Limited time offers create a sense of urgency for the buyer to act.
  11. Ask for the order. One of the oldest principles in sales is simply ask for the order. Then ask again.
  12. Say “Thank you.” Have a gracious, personal sounding, “Thank you” email with the  order  confirmation.  It never hurts to show good manners and buyer appreciation!

There are always dollars to be made in the details.

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Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is a marketing strategist, business advisor, and certified digital marketing expert. As a marketing consultant since 1991, he helps entrepreneurial professionals grow their practices with his unique combination of branding, positioning, copywriting, SEO, UX, and CRO.

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