4 Videos You Should Add To Your Opt-in Process Right Away

Any internet marketer will tell you video enhances your marketing effectiveness dramatically. Several Marketing University high rollers use video-only sales letters… whether it’s a screen capture PowerPoint videos delivering a sales message, or a live action talking head video recorded from their phone, webcam, or camera.

Using your preferred method, there are four videos  you can record to improve your opt-in rate and improve your one-time-offer conversion rate.

(When you make your millions like Armand, you can rent or build a video studio, but until then, simply use your phones camera to record your talking head video.)

Video #1: Video Giving Them a Peek at the Bribe, Asking Them to Opt-In

The most obvious talking head video to record is where you explain the free bribe you have to offer, the strongest benefits of using that bribe, and push people towards filling out that opt-in form. Want to add a nice touch? Point from  the video to your opt-in box (to the right side or underneath the video).

Video #2: Video Asking Them to Confirm

Tell your new subscriber to open up their email, open that email from you, and click the confirm link. But that’s not all. Tell them WHAT they will get as soon as they click that link. Tell them what the sending email address is going to be (so they can whitelist it and get it around the filters), what the from name will be, and most importantly: what the subject line will be.

Video #3: Video with a One Time Offer

This is a video where you offer your new subscribers something they can pay for, but it’s a special only for right now. You can either hard-sell or soft-sell those new subscribers. To go the hard-sell route,  hit  new  subscribers  with  the  one time offer video before they can access your free bribe.

To soft-sell them, give them the freebie now, and save the URL to the one time offer video so your autoresponder sends it out 3 or 4 days later in a timed followup.

Video #4: Thank You Video

Finally, thank your subscribers for signing up. You can’t thank your subscribers enough… when they opt-in, when they buy something from you, when they leave you a testimonial, or even when they attend your webinar. If you’re afraid of looking like a kiss-ass, tell them they made a great choice or did a terrific job instead of literally saying the words “thank you” all the time.

Those are the four videos you should create to improve your opt-in process: the ask video, confirm video, one time offer video, and thank you video. Recording a video with your phone isn’t hard… you just need a little practice to make it as much of a habit as setting up a pay button or sending a quick email.

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