5 Great Reasons To Start A Membership Site Today

There  are  a  lot  of  marketers  out  there telling you that you need a membership site. But do you really need one? Whether you’re planning a single payment download area, modular course paid in installments, or an ongoing monthly membership site, here are ten reasons to stop procrastinating and instead finish that membership site right now.

Reason #1: Low Point of Entry

What if you took your $100 product, split it into four equal monthly payments of $25, and let the membership software dish out one chunk of content at a time? You could offer the membership site as a payment plan for your members, with zero percent interest.

Reason #2: One More Thing to Split Test

Create two membership levels, one where people pay a single payment to get all the content immediately and another where people get the content in pieces on a monthly basis.

Just make sure the increased conversion rate makes up for the attrition rate. For example, if the average user remains a member throughout half of the length of your membership, the payment plan had better convert at least TWICE the level of the single payment option.

Reason #3: Find Your Loyal Buyers

Creating a membership site, loading it with content, and seeing who joins it is a great way to see who your most loyal buyers are. More importantly, those people who stay in your membership for 3 to 6 months, or even until the end, are the people you should target when it’s time to create your next offer.

Reason #4: Add an Easy Upsell

Those few minutes just after someone has just purchased a product from you, they still have their wallet out. But, since they’re still in that happy buying mood, the smart thing to do at that point is to upsell them into a recurring membership site.

Reason #5: Be “The Player” in Your Niche

If you’ve published an  e-book,  DVD, or even published an article, you are automatically more of  an  authority  than any unpublished competitors in your niche. But if you run a monthly membership site, you become more of an authority than those people.

You need to re-think the way you see membership sites. To get profitable three membership sites created quickly, go here: MembershipCube.com.

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