5 Ways To Beat Stress In 2021

2021 is Here!

I could not wait for the last page of 2020 to close…how about you?

Here we are at the start of a brand-new day, of a brand-new month, of a brand-new YEAR!!!!

I know we are not out of the woods with this pandemic, but it’s a relief to start fresh. Stress remains ever present as it has been in the past and now more than at any time, managing stress should be at the top of our mind.

Stress that is not well managed will lead to physical decompensation. Physical decompensation can manifest as obesity, hypertension, diabe- tes, chronic headaches, sleep and digestive problems. This is not a com- plete list, but it gives you an idea of just how serious this can be. And we all know that stress can also exacerbate preexisting health issues.

5 Ways To Beat Stress In 2021

So, what are some quick and easy and free ways to help manage stress? Below I have identified five tried and true ways to manage this pressure and tension.

#1 Take A Deep Breath

Deep breathing allows you to calm your emotions and restore a sense of calm. Breath holding and shallow breathing are common side ef- fects of frustration and stress.

#2 Identify the Source of Your Stress

What is bothering you and frustrating or stressing you out? Are you angry that you don’t understand something? Are you upset with someone? Is there lack of preparation or poor timing and time management? Identifying the cause will help you manage better and seek the necessary help to manage your stress.

#3 Work on Something Else

When you find yourself up against it and nothing seems to work, do another thing. Step away from the setback and do something else. This may mean going for a walk, listening to music or exercising. You want something completely different from what you were originally doing. Distracting yourself will help take your mind and thoughts somewhere else.

#4 Schedule Some “Me Time”

Beating yourself up only makes a bad situation worse. Pamper your- self to bring some calm into your life—even if just for a small respite. Taking a hot shower/bubble bath or indulging in your hobbies are just a few ways to get some alone time to get a new perspective on things.

#5 This Too Shall Pass

Frustration can be like the weather, if we allow it. It’s important to make the decision not to live in stress. Your emotions can slide off you like water off a duck’s back if you learn to manage your emotions. This is learned behavior…anger, frustration and all that comes with it. This behavior can be exchanged with a more positive replacement. Once new stress management strategies are learned, stress can pass like the weather.

I  hope this helps start your 2021 off on the right foot. Keep these stress reducing ideas close by. Just remember, you made it out of 2020 and that is a great relief in and of itself !

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Willette Davis

Willette Davis MD is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with over 20 years experience. She has been part of the AMN family for many years. Her website is devoted to weight loss and optimal health. FatGirlFitnessPlan.com. Willette is a Marketing University Platinum member.

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