5 Ways To Build Your Credibility As A Consultant

Credibility is defined as “The quality, capability, or power to elicit belief.” This belief is critical to you as a consultant, because it is what determines whether or not someone chooses to do business with you. Here are five simple strategies you can use to build your credibility, even as a new consultant.

5 Ways To Build Your Credibility As A Consultant

1. Provide A Professional Looking Website

It is just assumed nowadays that you have a website. In fact, most people will check you out online before they call you to do explore doing business. So you want to be sure your website reflects your credibility.

It should not look home-made. So if you are not an experienced web designer, don’t do it yourself. You can easily hire someone to install a WordPress-based site for you that you can manage. Then take an online or local course on how to update and expand your site.

Key information needs to be included on the site: your credentials, experience, list of clients, testimonials from existing clients, list of services, and contact information.

2. Write!

There is no faster way to  establish  your credibility than to appear in print. In today’s  market  that  “print”  may  be online, as well as in the traditional print media.

Write regular articles on topics in your area of expertise and post  them  to  your blog. Distribute them on article distribution sites with quality reputations such as EzineArticles.com

Offer to write articles for the online versions of professional  publications in your area. These sites are constantly looking for new content and it is often faster and easier to be published there than in the print versions. Plus, it’s a great way to break into the authoritative print market.

3. Network

Traditionally you may have attended local networking meetings in  your  area. If you only do local marketing, that’s ideal. But in today’s market many consultants have found that networking outside of their area gives a great boost to their bottom line.

Be visible in online discussion groups in your area of expertise, as well as on professionally-oriented social media sites such as LinkedIn. Add your comments to blog posts and articles in your area of expertise, with links leading back to your site.

All of these tactics are part of the “network” that is the online  world.  And each of these can be accomplished in a relatively short time between appointments.

4. Manage Your Reputation

You’ve seen it repeatedly. Someone with a high profile job suddenly loses their job and their credibility by doing something wrong. And that can happen to you as a consultant as well.

Your reputation is built on the work you do with your clients, so naturally you will do top-notch work so  that  you can get the quality referrals for more business.

But your reputation is also built online without your  even  realizing  it.  Just  as potential employers are doing an online search before hiring someone, your future clients  are  doing  the  same. So be sure they do not find any compromising photos on Facebook or unseemly rants on other sites that can damage your credibility.

5. Showcase Your Expertise

Nothing shouts credibility more than showcasing what you can do and have done. That’s why you want to provide case studies on your website. Potential clients love seeing what you’ve done for others in the past. They automatically put themselves into that picture, making your job that much easier.

Answering questions can be an easy way to showcase your expertise. Whether it’s via audio or short slide shows, it’s easy for you to take the questions you frequently receive about your topic or your services and convert them into short presentations.

Likewise, you can host courses via Live Streams or webinars for current or potential clients. Again, they have the opportunity to see you in action, leaving no doubt in their mind that you are a credible consultant.

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Jeanette Cates

Dr. Jeanette Cates is a 20-year veteran Internet strategist, known for prolific product production. After a brief retirement she has returned to launch OutsourceBees.com to help others build their online success.

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