5 Ways To Repurpose Your Articles

Repurposing    your    content    is the process of taking the same information and redoing it in order to reach more people in different kinds of ways. I repurpose every article I write and have been able to create an online empire filled with my trainings and other material.

The first thing I do is to write the article itself. Each article is somewhere between two hundred fifty and four hundred words. Then I take that article and write a blog post, using the same points and ideas that I had written about in the article. This immediately gives you two ways of repurposing that will reach more people and let them know more about you and what you do.

My second method of repurposing content is to combine several articles and create a short report. Some people refer to these as special reports. They are usually anywhere from about five to fifteen pages, and may also contain resources where the reader can go to learn even more on the topic. I usually add a few affiliate links and links to my products, but only where they are appropriate within the report.

Next, take the short report and use it as an outline for a webinar. Don’t read it word for word, but cover all of your points and explain them in more detail than you are able to in a written format.

The fourth way is to create a seven day eCourse from the material covered in the report. People subscribe to your list and then receive one lesson every day, or every  other day,  for the  next seven days. At the end of each lesson be sure to let them know where they can find out more.

5 Ways To Repurpose Your Articles

The fifth technique of repurposing the content from your original article is to teach a two part course on the topic. You can hold two teleseminars and provide the short report as a study and resource guide. People are more willing to pay for a telecourses than many other types of information, so you will generate income from this. The course can also be turned into a home study program for anyone who does not attend when you do it the first time. Remember that this all starts when you first write an article on your niche topic.

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