6 Beneficial SEO Tips for Online Marketers

Tip #4 Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

In May of 2019, Google implemented mobile-first indexing for websites. This means it started giving preference to sites designed for mobile devices first and desktop devices second.

Generally, this is the same website, but the design of the web- site shifts its display to look best in mobile and has features like a clickable phone number that prompts the phone to dial that number and other such features. Or if your site is using a back- ground video on the desktop display, it has a fall back image for mobile which doesn’t use as much bandwidth for mobile data plans.

Stats show that mobile search leads desktop search by nearly 60%. It has also been rumored that search engines will not include sites that are not mobile friendly in search results. Currently, many website visitors will start a search on their mobile device and then continue on a larger screen such as a tablet or desktop, but we will see how or if that changes as time goes on.

Tip #5 Feel the Need for Speed

Make sure your page loads quickly. We only have a matter of moments to deliver what our search engine friends are looking for before they just move on to the next site. If your site

loads slowly, they may not even make it to your headline before they’re gone.

What many online marketers don’t realize when it comes to page speed is that you need to check it for mobile speed AND desk- top speed. Yes, it gets ranked differently. For your desktop speed testing I utilize a tool at: https://gtmetrix.com —it will analyze your site for free and give you some suggestions from different resources to show you how to improve your page speed.

As for mobile I suggest using the tool provided by Google at: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly —after you run the test, it will tell you if it passes the mobile friendly test. From this point, you can move on to the search console (pro- vided you’ve added your site as a property in Google webmaster tools) to find out areas you could improve on.

6 Beneficial SEO Tips for Online Marketers

Google has reported that it lists sites with faster page speed higher than those without. This started happening in 2010 for desk- top sites and in 2018 for mobile sites. This is one area that many site owners just don’t take the time to do which could give you a better position over your competitors in the search engines.

Tip #6 Improve Domain Authority

This is something I’ve been hearing more buzz about lately. NOTE: Don’t Panic on this one if your score is low. This one takes time. While it’s been around for a few years, it seems to be gaining steam.

Domain authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how likely a website is to rank on search engine result pages. It’s a score of 0-100—the higher the number, the better. It’s based on several factors such as link quality, total links and ranking strength.

Be careful because not all links are good. You will want to check your website stats and increase the number of links coming from sites with a higher ranking than you. You will also want to remove bad links. You can do this by contacting the website owner and asking that they remove the site link. To add links, you will want to search out RELEVANT sites that align with your content and get a link from that site. This could be done by adding a quality comment to their blog or forum, or maybe even leaving a testimonial for their product or service.

The domain authority score is NOT related to the Google page rank. It is just one of several page metric sites. Google used to provide a page rank score with the now defunct Google Tool- bar. Many SEO professionals turn to other metrics to try for some sort of measurement as to where your page MAY rank in the search engine rankings. It’s best to not rely on any one measuring tool.

I would focus more on building internal and external links on your site and good things will happen.

SEO Tip Wrap UP

While I’ve shared many tips and ideas with you here, it’s im- portant to remember SEO takes time, so be patient. It’s not something you can add one day and see an increase in traffic the next. That being said there are strategies that happen faster than others; the important thing is to start with one tip and go from there.

Some of the SEO tips mentioned just become second nature as you use them more when creating pages, posts and articles. Then there are other tips that are only needed once per site. Once done, you usually won’t need to do anything else with them. It is important however to check your stats to see how traffic is increasing or decreasing. If you see something odd, be sure to check your Google and or Bing Webmaster tools to be sure they’re still getting data. It’s possible as you update your site to accidentally remove that connection.

6 Beneficial SEO Tips for Online MarketersOne final tip for the road: When creating content for your site, make the content really good so that other sites will want to link to it. Make use of stats, facts, and definable information that build credibility. Also, when possible, incorporate images and infographics. Doing so will make your content really stand out.

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