A Month For Great Triumphs

August was named in honor of the first Roman Emperor because it was a month of great triumphs. Make the month of August the month you conquer your challenges.

Going along with that frame of mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is our online empire. We do need to be aware though that online things happen quickly. In fact I think things happen online quicker than anywhere else.

A Month For Great Triumphs

You only have so many minutes  if not seconds to make an impact on a potential customer when they visit your website. So one great triumph you can make in August is to review your website. One thing I would suggest is have someone review your website with you that way you can see your website through their eye’s and you can watch where they stumble or maybe not take the actions you thought they would.

Website Improvement Checklist

Here is a short list of things you might check on your own website to see if you need to make improvements.

  • Is your branding present and does it give a clear message about who your business is?
  • Does your headline entice the visitor to read more as well as let them know what’s in it for them?
  • Make sure you have clear benefits for the visitor.
  • Always give the visitor something to do. Meaning if you are selling some- thing give them opportunities to buy through out the page. If you are go- ing for the opt-in, push for it. Same   if you are a service company push the phone number or contact info. In other words don’t make them hunt for the option you want them to take.
  • Make sure your links look like links and your buttons are clear and concise with wording to take action.

That is just a few things you can do  to improve actions and conversions on your website. By making just a few changes each week or even once a month you can conquer the these challenges on your website.

There are many things to conquer in our lives and to many to cover in one blog post so I just may make a series of being triumphant in August so check back and see what else may be in store for August on my site.

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Frank Deardurff

An early love for graphics brought me online over 20 years ago which lead me to consume a vast knowledge in marketing, conversion, design and various types of web technologies. That information led to becoming a web master, serial entrepreneur, author, coach, trainer and That One Web Guy! FrankDeardurff.com

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