A Shortage of Change

A Shortage of ChangeSome things are hard to understand. As I have been venturing out, I see signs here and there stating that they have a need for change. There are a lot of theories on that and I have a few of my own but, that’s not the real “Change Shortage” I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about another type of change shortage that many don’t understand—this change is about your website.

Too many times people have a set it and forget it mentality with their website. Set it up, load the pages, and leave it alone. Well, in this case two out of three ain’t bad.

I’ll be the first to say, “We have to get something in place, and it’s better to have something than nothing.” But, when it comes to setting and forgetting, that’s where so many fail with their online business.

A Shortage of Change

I’ve written many times about checking over your site fully at least once or twice a year. But, in all honesty, if you are truly serious about your online business you should be checking it monthly.

Why Do We Need Change?

Think about this—if you’ve ever taken a walk in nature and passed a pond that was stagnant and covered in moss, your first thought is likely that there isn’t much living or moving around in that pond.

The same could be said with your website. If nothing is changing and nothing is new, why would visitors come back? Why would search engines pay attention to it?

Google loves to see change—they want to see things are happen- ing with your business.

Search engines such as Google key in on relevancy of your con- tent with the keywords people are looking for. So, if Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. sent bots to your page last month and then re- turn this month and see the exact same pattern, it’s possible next month they may not come back as soon, if at all. Unless your site is pretty relevant with what people are searching for which can happen, of course.

Let’s return back to the pond for a moment. Imagine walking past this pond again, and the owners have added a fountain and a bridge you could walk across. In your mind you will likely think that someone cares about this property and it’s an enjoyable place to visit. So, you’ll make note of it and plan to return.

The same could be applied to your website and even your social media accounts. If people like what you are doing, they will come back to see if there is something new to offer. They will return as long as there is something in it for them.

What Change Do You Need?

Good, question. Where did you leave off ? Did your website just start with the basics? To me the basics is at least a page that tells what you have to offer and how they can get that offer as well as a contact page so if they have questions it’s easy for visitors to get in touch with you.

But there is so much more to add. If your first page is about your product, service, or information, you could add a page about who you are, and why you created the product or about the company that provides the services. You could add a page about why the company was founded.

We all know that people buy from those they know, like and trust. Maybe, they’re on the fence about buying the product or service and they read just a bit more and find out they like who you are or the reason you started the company. It just may get you another sale.

Also, consider adding images (or more images) of your product, your company or even you. Just as we all learn in various ways, people buy for different reasons. Look, feel, touch, how you write, show photos, or even videos about what you are offering could make a difference. You could even add these as blog posts or articles added to your site that people could find useful. Tips about how to use your products or services are a nice value add.

Don’t forget to think about what the search engines are looking for. Not only are we trying to appease human traffic, we have to satisfy the needs of our search engine friends that help us get seen by our human friends.

A Shortage of ChangeA Shortage of ChangeA Shortage of Change“We all know that people buy from those they know, like and trust. It just may get you another sale.”

Search engines want to see privacy policies and terms of service to let the buyers know they are safe. Merchant services like to see (and may demand to see) these pages, as well. In a previous article I wrote about tags the search engines like to see such as title tags and alt tags for your images.

There is always something you can add to your site to give it some change. As you learn more about your customers, you will find they will want to know more about you. But how can you find out more about your customers? Some of it is psycholog- ical triggers—things they don’t think about that affect how or why they buy.

There are things you can change to see what works better. For ex- ample—do they prefer an order link to an order button? Do they like orange buttons as opposed to blue buttons? Is one font better than another? Is one font size better than another? I know your gears are probably churning now, and it can be overwhelming.

How Do I Know What to Change?

There is so much that you can change a little at a time to make your site appealing to all that visit. Maybe you’re new to owning an online property and just need some advice. This is when a web- site critique could be very useful to you. Some levels of Marketing University are eligible to register for a website critique as a mem- ber benefit. Armand will look over your website and show you areas that you can change to get better conversions or improve the appearance of your website.

It does not matter if you’ve been online a long time or just a few months, everyone and anyone can benefit on having someone re- view their website. Websites are what I do for a living, and even I have had various sites reviewed just to get a different perspective of what could be better. Many times, we are just too close to the project. Stepping back and looking at it with a fresh set of eyes in a different mindset or vision can be just what you (and your website) need to take you to the next level.

I highly recommend you log into the members area right now. Look in the sidebar and find “Apply for a website critique.” Do it now! You won’t be disappointed.

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