Advertising Tips and Secrets

If you stop researching new ways and places to advertise you will not last long. I have always harped on this research and will continue to do so.

Armand Morin

Do Your Research First

Advertising Tips and Secrets
Advertising Tips and Secrets

Always do your research before you advertise.

Go to Google, Bing, and Yahoo and find newsletters or Ezines that you can buy ads in. Ezines are great. The fact is that most people don’t do this anymore, but this is still a very viable way to advertise.

A “Solo Ad” is an ad which is sent out to subscribers of an ezine, but without any other content. It’s basically a special issue of an ezine which contains only a single ad.

Solo can be more effective than ads embedded within normal ezines because solo ads have the readers’ undivided attention. Not all advertisers offer this, but it’s worth looking into as you might pay only a small amount to go out to a large subscriber base.

Research And Make A List Of Blogs You Can Advertise On

Blog advertising is becoming one of the more popular ways to advertise on the Internet.

Most blogs you go to, if they’re serious bloggers, usually sell ads on the right hand side of the page. Lets just say that a blog gets about 50,000 visitors a month, and it will only cost you $25 to advertise there. That’s not a bad deal!

Are you going to get massive traffic from this? I don’t know. It depends on a lot of factors…how many people see the ad, how well the ad’s written…but for $25, I’m willing to take a gamble on it.

So make a list of blogs. You can just go to Google and look for blogs on your topic, make a list of them and see if they allow advertising.

Create A Series Of Ads To Run On The Ad Networks

Many people make the mistake of writing one or two ads and then running them.

Before you ever start running ads you need to write a bunch of them. As you write more and more ads you get better at it. By the time you are finished you may want to delete your first few ads because they are not up to par.

Also having multiple ads enables you to run series of A, B tests to see which are pulling better.

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Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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