Another Type of Security For Internet Marketers

If you mention the words “security” or “protection” to most internet marketers, you’re likely to get a response which includes the names “Norton” and/or “McAfee.”

While that type of “security” is certainly essential, there’s another type of security that most Internet marketers neglect to consider. What I’m talking about here is installing a plan for keeping your greatest asset, your internet marketing business, safe from the various threats that it faces out in the market place.

Another Type of Security For Internet Marketers

As an asset protection attorney. I work with clients (both individuals as well as larger business organizations) in helping them to formulate a plan for safeguarding their business and their assets. As part of this process, we consider a wide variety of issues including asset protection from potential lawsuits, estate planning for preserving net worth from estate taxes and probate fees, income tax planning for reducing the amount owed in taxes to the lowest amount legally possible, as well as general business planning.

Over the years, I’ve worked with literally thousands of small business owners and assisted them with protecting their assets from potential threats. These threats have ranged from things as simple as being shut down due to a failure to comply with small business legal requirements to
going out of business due to a lack of capital as a result of insufficient tax planning.

Regardless of the threat, the most important step that a small business owner can take is to put together a plan for identifying potential issues that may arise and then formulating strategies for dealing with those
issues if and when they actually do arise.

Perhaps the single greatest threat that small business owners face is failure to establish such a plan. While coming up with a plan may sound rather simple, it’s actually one of the biggest stumbling blocks because so few people actually do it. There’s a well-known adage that one should “plan their work and then work their plan.” This is incredibly simplistic yet enormously beneficial for those who follow it.

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JJ Childers

As an accomplished attorney, author, speaker and mentor, JJ has helped literally thousands and thousands of people to get, grow, and guard millions and millions of dollars. Find out more about him at JJChilders.com.

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