Are You Giving Them The Visuals

Writing effective sales copy is a skill that many people struggle with. They often wonder how they can make their sales letters more engaging and persuasive. One key aspect that can significantly enhance the impact of your copy is being descriptive. And by being descriptive, I don’t simply mean providing more details about your product. Instead, aim to create a vivid picture in the reader’s mind, allowing them to visualize their experience with your product or service.

To illustrate the power of descriptive copy, let’s talk about an advertisement that I’ve kept for years because of how it painted a picture for the customer. It is an ad for Tempur-Pedic mattresses from USA Today in September 2003, featuring Dick Clark and his wife. The ad states, “Ask Kari and Dick Clark, they’ll tell you that Tempur-Pedic’s high-tech, weightless comfort bed provides remarkably relaxing and rejuvenating sleep. The kind of re-energizing sleep all of us took for granted when we were very young.”

The ad doesn’t merely claim that their bed is fantastic or amazing. Instead, it emphasizes that their “high-tech, weightless comfort bed” offers “remarkably relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.” By using descriptive language, they create an emotional connection with the reader, elevating a simple bed into an extraordinary sleep experience. More than that, they further paint a visual image of the kind of sleep we all long for, the sleep we took for granted when we were young.

Continuing with the descriptive approach, the ad goes on to say that the Tempur-Pedic mattress’s surface “uncannily molds itself to your every curve.” The choice of the word “uncannily” is interesting because it adds a sense of wonder and uniqueness to the experience. It’s not just a regular mattress; it’s a mattress

that defies expectations. The ad also describes the mattress’s components, using phrases like “visco-elastic thermal plasticity reacts selectively to your body shape, body weight, and body heat.” Although the technical terms may not be familiar to the reader, they create an impression of cutting-edge technology and innovation (or at least it did in 2003).

To add credibility, the ad mentions that more than 25,000 medical professionals worldwide recommend these beds, reinforcing the idea that it is a trusted choice. They highlight the fact that enthusiastic owners also recommend Tempur- Pedic to their family and friends, further solidifying the quality of their product. The ad wraps up by offering a toll-free phone number to call to request a free demonstration kit. Emphasizing that the kit includes an “actual lab sample” of the tempur- pressure relieving material, a better sleep video, and a consumer guidebook. By describing the sample as an “actual lab sample,” they further enhance its authenticity and legitimacy.

Are You Giving Them The VisualsI have kept this Tempur-Pedic ad since 2003 and refer to it occasionally because it serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of being descriptive in your copy. Way too often, people overlook this vital aspect of writing, opting for simplicity and brevity. But, by taking the time to paint a visual representation and evoke emotions through words, you can engage your readers and make a lasting impression.

When you sit down to create your sales copy, ask yourself how you can be more descriptive. It’s not just about adding adjectives randomly; it’s about employing the right words at the right time to create impact. And then, once you think you have your finished copy, review it with fresh eyes. Go back over your copy and ensure it paints a clear picture in the reader’s mind, enabling them to experience the benefits of your product or service firsthand.

The art of writing compelling sales copy really lies in being descriptive. By vividly describing your product or service, you can engage your readers on a deeper level and make a lasting impression. Don’t shy away from using descriptive language, evoking emotions, and painting a clear visual representation. Remember, the more detailed and captivating your copy is, the higher the chances of it resonating with your target audience, enhancing engagement, and leaving a lasting impression.

When you provide detailed descriptions that appeal to the reader’s senses and emotions, you create a more compelling and persuasive message, increasing the chances of conversions. And don’t be afraid of using technical terms. They can add credibility and showcase the advanced features of your product or service. But you need to make sure that the terms you use are explained in a way that is understandable for your target audience. To maintain authenticity and trustworthiness, avoid unnecessary exaggeration and focus on providing accurate information. Make sure to support any claims with evidence or testimonials from satisfied customers.

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