Are You Missing These 3 Critical Backups?

WAre You Missing These 3 Critical Backups?hen the word backup comes to mind, we almost always think about backing up our computers. While that is something we should all be doing, you could be missing these critical types of backups.

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Most marketers know the importance of their list. People say, they could lose everything tomorrow, but if they had their list, they would be okay.

Without doubt, rebuilding is easier with a list. But, what if you lose the list too?

Far too often, we are (over) confident about our email marketing provider. This isn’t to say they lose lists all the time. Truth is, most providers have a pretty good track record.

Even so, it would be foolish not to keep a copy of one of your business’ most prized assets.


Thanks to the wide use of WordPress, many now know to install a backup plugin and have it running. That’s a good thing. Just don’t forget, not all websites consist of WordPress only.

Does your site have a forum, or a shopping cart that is independent of WordPress? Does it have static HTML pages somewhere? Does it have email addresses and store emails?

Some backup plugins cannot do non-WordPress backups. If yours does, be sure to configure it to pick those up too.


I’m a big fan of Evernote. I have a ton of information of all kinds stored there. As a company, I do not think Evernote will fold overnight.

Still, it would be wise not to chance it. Paranoid? Maybe. I prefer to think of it as lessons learned from (harsh) experiences. Thankfully, Evernote

This is just one example. What about hosted shopping carts, online invoicing and book keeping solutions?

Today, we store so much “in the cloud” and add more daily. Because these apps are with us everywhere, it makes us think we will always have access to this data.

Truth is, you can lose it just as easy. All it takes is a slip of a finger. A quick mis-read when you’re tired. An irrecoverable malfunction somewhere. Or what if, for whatever crazy reason you get barred from accessing that data?

Unlikely to happen? True. Possible? Absolutely. The good thing is, backing up these things don’t take a lot of time or a degree in space technology. All you need is a quick instruction to your virtual assistant to download the data every so often. If your service provider offers automatic backups – that’s even better. Just have it set up today so you don’t regret it when you need it.

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