Asking For Help Can Be A Super Power

Things are not always as they seem. In life as well as in business, we run into roadblocks, hardships, grief, and any number of other issues. We analyze the issues, correct them, and attempt to move on. On the surface this sounds like a good formula… but it’s not.

Even when all indicators point to the cause and solution…it still may be incorrect. We just may be too close to the problem to see the cause and the solution…and you may need an unbiased 3rd party expert to really see what’s needed. Let me give you an example.

Asking For Help Can Be A Super PowerA few years back when I was living in Las Vegas, I climbed a small mountain near my house. My knee acted up a little. Over the next several weeks while biking and hiking, my knee began to give me more problems. I could feel that something was out of place. I was sure I was having major knee problems. I was worried about being laid up, getting knee surgery, or a knee replacement…my imagination was running wild.

I told my daughter about it…she’s a massage therapist and has spent time working with athletic and sports injuries. She told me to just wait it out until she came over. When she looked at my knee, she poked a few muscles and made me scream a couple of times. Then she said, “There’s nothing wrong with your knee!” The problem was with my hips and the tendons leading down from them. She worked on my muscles and hips, and I felt a lot better. By the next day, my knees were feeling fine!

When I was treating it myself, all my focus was on the knees themselves. I used Bengay, hot packs, cold packs, etc., all to no avail. I was looking in the wrong place for the cause and the solution. I was looking for where common sense and symptoms indicated the cause was and consequently the solution should be.

I was wasting my time. No matter how much time or money I spent trying to fix my knees, the problem would just have become worse. So, by bringing in a knowledgeable person who could give me an unbiased assessment I was able to get the problem taken care of.

The day after my daughter worked on my knee, it felt so good that I decided to go mountain climbing (my daughter recommended against it…but since I insisted, she decided to go along in case I had problems). So, we drove to Red Rock Canyon and climbed Turtle Peak. I believe the trek is about five miles. We started late so we had to hurry in order to get down before dark. I climbed like a madman, and we had a great time. My daughter would frequently ask me if I was okay. I kept telling her I was fine (because I was fine).

But as we started down the mountain, I began to worry a little…I felt twinges in my knee, but they would come and go depending on the steepness and roughness of the decline. I had to start asking them to slow down so I could keep up. Soon I had to ask them to stop so I could rest my knee.

It was taking us a lot longer than it should and darkness was coming. It was not only getting dark, but it was getting windy and cold when my knee finally gave out…I could go no farther. My daughter sat me down and started working on my muscles (even though it was my knee giving the trouble). After a few minutes of work, I was good enough to go again. Within minutes we were at the parking lot.

My daughter told me to keep walking carefully while they went down the road to get the car. I stayed in the parking lot and walked around to keep my knee from stiffening up. Soon my knee felt 100% while walking on the flat surface of the parking lot.

When they arrived with the car, they asked me how I was doing. I was feeling a little foolish about all the trouble I caused while trekking down the mountain (there were comments about my age being made). My knee was feeling so good that I decided to show them how good it was…I found a small boulder (a foot to a foot and a half high) and I jumped up onto it and back down. I immediately knew I was in big trouble.

They got me into the car and started for home but because of the extremely heavy traffic at the park and in town, it took us two hours to get home. By that time, my knee was so stiff that I could hardly walk. My daughter worked on my muscles again, and I even took a pain killer and went to bed early. I woke up in real pain at 4:30am. I was finally able to creep out of bed and to a recliner where I spent the next few hours.

My daughter rubbed peppermint oil on my muscles and by about 9:30am I was fit as a fiddle.

Two days later, my knee was 100% but my daughter wouldn’t let me try to hike again. In fact, they wouldn’t even let me go shopping with them…they said there would be too much walking.

What’s the moral(s) of this story? Well, there’s a lot of them…

  1. You need to find the correct person to help you with your That’s where you have lucked out…you have Armand!
  2. Once you get things fixed, proceed with caution.
  3. Don’t plunge ahead without leaving leeway for adjustment time and/or an exit strategy.
  4. Give the business time to adjust to corrections.
  5. Learn from your experience, don’t just repeat what caused the problem in the first place.
  6. Listen to advice.
  7. Make required adjustments no matter how in convenient they seem.
  8. Don’t become impatient.
  9. Don’t take actions just to impress ..the only thing that actually matters is you taking the correct actions needed for the situation.
  10. Celebrate your recovery (for me, a glass of wine helps here).
  11. Keep the lines of communication’ll need continued help and advice as you build or rebuild your business.
  12. Make use of all the assets that Marketing University gives you!

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George Callens

George Callens has been on the Internet since 1996. He has worked, full time, with Armand since 2003 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer for Armand Morin Network INC.. George is also one of the founders and partners of Payblue shopping cart.

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