Audio Versions Of Your Products Are A Must

Most people don’t bother with the hassle of providing an audio recording, but a wise marketer provides their information products on audio.

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I don’t know about you, but I am busy. I don’t have time to sit down and read a book or information product. I much prefer listening to a recording more than reading. I believe the majority of people out there feel the same way.

Audio Versions Of Your Products Are A Must
Audio Products

Everyone has down time such as sitting  in  traffic, going  to  the  gym, walking your dog, waiting for your kid to be done with ballet or soccer. These are perfect times for you to squeeze in some extra work by listening to your MP3 or CD player.

Things To Remember

There are some things to remember when recording an audio product. The standard CD will hold 74 minutes of information. I always recommend breaking down a long CD into segments.

There are two types of CDs that you can create. There is a data CD and an audio CD. The audio CD can be played on any CD player. A data CD won’t play in the CD player, but if you put it a computer, you can explore the files on that CD.

A standard CD is able to hold up to 750 megabytes of information. The advantage of this is that if you are providing your information in both audio  and  PDF,  you  can  put  both kinds of files on the same CD.

The MP3 files can be loaded along with the  PDF,  as  long  as  you  don’t  go over 750 megs. The disadvantage of a data disk is that it does leave open the possibility for people to download the information to their computer and then pass it around.

Front and Back Music Can Make all the Difference

If you intend to add front or back end music to your audio, you need to allot time for that because it means you will have 30 seconds or so that will cut into the time allotted for delivering your information.

When adding front and back music, plan for 70 minutes worth of content. Otherwise, there stands a good chance that your content will be cut into.

I think front and back music are critical to the success of your audio product. It makes your audio sound so much more professional as opposed to just starting in with content.

I received a series of audio interviews today that I happened to be part of. I popped it in just to see what it sounded like.  There  was  no  introduction.  It just went right into the audio. It was very boring. Would it cost much more money to do it the other way? No.

Break the Audio Segments Into Small Chunks

They did do something else I feel is very important when providing audio, and that is, they broke the interviews into several seven to ten minute chunks of information.

They spent a lot of time doing this, but they should have spent another few minutes and put music on the front and back of that interview. That would have been a huge step forward in the perception of the product.

Tagging – Adding Music To The Front and Back Of Your Products

This   process   of   adding   music   to the front and back of your audio is called tagging. You can also insert a commercial about a particular product that was consistent with the message that you are using on the CD by tagging an audio commercial on the end of it.

You could say something as simple as, “If you like what you are listening to right now, go to this website and sign up for my free newsletter.”

A cautionary note about adding music to your audio product is that you need to make sure it is royalty free or else you could be in for a long and hard legal battle. I’ve bought music from Mike Stewart, the music is legal and royalty free.

Adding Music Can Increase Your Sales

Adding music to your audio products can help with the impact they have and could convince your listeners to respond in the way you intended them to by giving a prelude of emotion or mood you chose with just the style of music the listener hears at the front and back of your content.

Remember that music sells. Make your audio stand out from the rest by this simple addition to your information products.

Remember that when people listen to your audio recordings it helps them to get to know and trust you, which can  do  nothing  but  help  increase your bottom line.

People learn in all different ways, so why wouldn’t you offer it to them in the format that they like the most. Including audio with or as your next Information product will definitely impact your bottom line.

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