Autoresponders Aren’t Just A Pre-Sales Tool

Autoresponders can also help the sale “stick”…and help you customer consume your information more quickly and come back for more of your products.

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It seems to me there is a common perception that email is a tool just to help you make a sale. You know— you get them to opt in to your list and then feed them a steady stream of email messages until they buy your product/service or the sequence of your email messages has ended.

Autoresponders Aren't Just A Pre-Sales Tool

And it is certainly that. But it can be so much more. I think a vastly overlooked use of email is as a post-sale follow-up consumption tool.

One of the biggest challenges information marketers have is getting people to actually “consume” the information they’ve invested in. People start out with the greatest of intentions, but things get sidetracked, life happens, and your product is set aside and forgotten.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a book, audio program, video program, home study course or any other form of information product – if you can’t get them to consume your stuff then the chances of them coming back to you to invest in more of what you have is drastically reduced.

That’s where your autoresponder emails come into play as a consumption tool for you. You can use those messages after the sale to drive them back into your content. For Example…

“Hey Joe, did you see in Chapter 2 on page 17 where I talk about the power of [insert your subject here] to dramatically improve your results? If you haven’t had a chance to read this important strategy yet I encourage you to flip open your book and give it a read. You’ll be glad you did.”


“Did you hear the section in your CD set on Disc 3, Sarah, it’s about fifteen minutes in where we talk about the important concept of…..” This fantastic technique will enable you to get better results in your business even more quickly then you ever thought possible.”

You get the idea. Follow-up autoresponders can be a fantastic tool to help you do much more than just make a sale. They can also help that sale “stick” (not get returned for a refund) and help your customer consume your information more quickly so they can come back and buy more from you.

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