Avoid This Copy Writing Mistake Like The Plague

The #1 copy writing mistake entrepreneurs make is to make their sales copy all about themselves instead of their prospective customer. What do I mean? Well, they tell the prospect how great their product is, how smart they are, how long they’ve been in business and how their product works.

The customer doesn’t care about that one bit. What they prospect does care about is:

  • What will your product do for them?
  • How fast can they get results with what you’re selling?
  • Why should they trust you to help them?
  • How are you qualified to help them?
  • Is the investment you want them to make in time and money going to be worth it to them?

It’s NOT About You!

The prospect doesn’t care about you, your education, your history, your product, your promise or anything else. What they care about is themselves and how you can help them.

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Here’s a MILLION DOLLAR TIP: You can use to instantly change the focus of your copy off yourself and over to your prospect.

Go through your sales copy, ads, and sales materials and look for these words: me, my, mine, I, us, we, and our. Rewrite your copy to use you, your, you’re  in place of those words that usually indicated you’re talking about yourself.

This one tip can revolutionize your sales copy writing, no matter what you sell and no matter what your skill level!

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Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is an Internet entrepreneur, motivational speaker, publisher, author, newspaper columnist and elite life mentor and coach. Learn more about Jim at, TheJimEdwardsMethod.com

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