Best Plans For Success

While putting together material for a workshop, I came across the saying;

“The higher the tree,
the sweeter the plum”

…and it reminded me of what my mother used to tell me. “Always go to the top person and get the help you need from them.”

black fruits

Throughout my entrepreneurial career I’ve taken her advice, and I must say it’s paid off. I have developed my best plan for personal success that sets me apart from the rest of the crowd. The seeds were planted years ago and over time with dedicated nourishing, focus and small shifts in strategy success has impacted my business and lifestyle at various levels. My tree has grown and the fruit grows sweeter at the top.

Here are some actions I personally take to help recognize opportunities ripe for transformation to grow my business and lifestyle.

Best Plans For SuccessEnthusiastic Education

No matter how far along you are on your own entrepreneurial pathway on-going learning is paramount. Success flows to those who consistently apply dedicated income-producing activities to win big results.

I encourage you to be bold and think big. Make an effort and get tuned in to the latest systems and resources that will support you working smarter and earning more. The easiest way to do that is to find yourself a role model to follow. Someone who has already done what you want to do in business. That person, will be someone you like and feel you can trust with your ideas. Someone who will champion you towards turning your dreams into a reality. Your mentor will outline clear steps that take you from where you are now to a place of solid commer- cial worth. We are fortunate in AM2 to have a great role model in Armand.

Work Life Balance

Working with a mentor such as Armand will ensure no need for you to choose between work or play. You’ll simply get educated with the proven strategies, tools and techniques entrepreneurs take to get clear on the steps needed to develop a personal path to success. In other words you’ll learn the doable actions that get great results.

Next as you learn to maximize your potential, results and profits you’ll get into the groove and surround yourself with successful people. A handful of those people being even more successful then yourself.

World Class With Marketing University

Slowly but surely your business tree will grow tall and strong with roots that spread solidly in the ground becoming a valuable asset to the business world allowing you to emerge as a key member and leader. As the fruit sweetens at the top of your tree your influence will be picked by emerging business owners who seek a safe learning environment to consume and create businesses of their own.

Today is the day to plant seeds, nurture your tree and thrive. Take advantage of all you have in the Marketing University Membership to do just that!

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PaTrisha-Anne Todd

PaTrisha-Anne Todd is creator of the Six Step Coaching Model for instant for- ward moving results and founder of CoachingLeadsToSuccess.com

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