Build An Internet Information Empire

Let’s face it, if you want to start an Internet business, you can sell just about anything online — everything from services, software, membership sites, consulting, physical products, and even information. The question I get all the time is… out of all of these options which one should I sell as a beginner? My answer is always “Information.”

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I like information as a business model for many reasons. First, it’s the model where I’ve made the most money myself. I have customers who’ve purchased my information from all over the globe…yet we’ve never met.

Build An Internet Information Empire
Build an Internet information empire

Information has sold for thousands of years and will continue to sell for thousands of years. Putting your information together is easy with a few hours of work and some elbow grease and you have a potential six-figure business on your hands.

The other amazing part about selling information is you don’t have to know anything about the information you are selling. You can easily outsource 100% of the content. You can also partner with someone who is the expert in the subject. Allow them to focus on the content, while you focus on the marketing.

The question now is what information do I sell? Believe it or not that is actually one of the easiest parts of the equation…yet it’s the part that most people seem to get stuck. The answer is simple. Sell what’s already selling.

Don’t try to be that creative genius who comes up with a topic that no one else is selling. There’s a reason no one else is selling it…you can’t make money with it.

Start your research by looking at other information products that are selling very well. If that guy can make six figures selling X… then I can make six figures selling X… All I need to do is reverse engineer what he or she is doing. I know this sounds simple, but this really is the key to the puzzle.

The other reason you take this approach is it shows demand. I always say the secret to marketing is “Find what they want and give it to them…that’s it.” Well, if you find someone selling something successfully, then you have found what the consumers want.

The next step is to reverse engineer the process. All that means is to look at the successful sellers and figure out how they are doing it. What does their ad look like? What is their price point? How many upsells do they have? Is there an autoresponder? Are they advertising on Google or Facebook?

Once you’ve reversed engineered the competitor’s product the only thing missing is distribution (i.e. traffic/eye- balls). At this point you should have a complete working offer.

You have an in-demand product. You know the traffic source. You know the price. You have their autoresponders, and you have their upsells. Website traffic is the only thing missing.

I prefer to buy my traffic as it’s fast, consistent, and reliable. Most Internet marketers prefer organic traffic because it’s free. But let me ask you a question.

Now that you have a proven and working offer on your hands…are you afraid to drive paid traffic? I hope you said no. Traffic is only a guessing game when you don’t have a proven offer. Since you’ve done your homework, you are sitting on a goldmine.

The question now is where are the people who are interested in my product? What are they doing? What publications are they reading? What products are they buying on Amazon? What keywords are they typing in Google? What videos are they watching on YouTube?

Answers to these questions tell you where and how to drive traffic to your offer.

So the key is to find a working offer. Once you have that offer, reverse engineer how it is being sold. Then and only then do you drive traffic to that

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