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In recent articles, I’ve talked a lot about my 30X strategy and the idea of lead generation. In this issue, I want to talk more about lead generation because there are multiple forms of lead generation and the 30X strategy is conducive to all of them because it can be customized towards what a person is searching for.

Let’s look at some of the ways and the differences in how it can be used.

Taking them from opt-in page directly to the sales letter where you are selling them something.

In this scenario we have thirty targeted opt-in pages surrounding a sales letter where we are directly selling them something. For this scenario to work properly, they must go to the opt-in page first and then the sales letter.

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They do a targeted search on whatever they are interested in, our targeted landing page comes up and they opt-in to be taken to the sales page for more information. We know they are interested in our product (or service) because they searched on it. The question on our targeted opt-in page is right on spot so they go to our sales page IF one condition is met.

Here is the condition that must be met… there is NO BRIBE on this opt-in page! We do NOT want to give them something for free so we DO NOT use a bribe. Let me be clear —DO NOT give them a free bride right before asking them to make a purchase. So many people get this wrong!

Here’s the rule:

If you are going to sell them something in part two (the sales letter), DO NOT give them something for free in part one (the opt-in page) in order to entice them to go to the sales page. It’s counter productive because we do NOT want to give them something for free; we want to SELL THEM SOMETHING!

At this point, when they give you their name and email address their intent is pure; they are giving it because they truly want more information on your product.

Now, what most people hear when I say this is “Do Not Use Bribes.” That is NOT what I’m saying. What I’m saying is “do NOT use bribes if your intent is to sell them something on the next page.” Using a bribe in this scenario will decrease conversion.

Taking them from the opt-in page for lead generation.

Method One:

Once again we start with a targeted

opt-in page and this time a bribe, which in this case, means a free giveaway.

What can you use for the bribe? It could be a free report, an MP3, or a variety of other things.

But you need to remember, there MUST be a reason behind this. Why are you doing this? The easy answer that people give me is, “I want to build a list.”

That’s great, but why do you want to build a list? How are you going to use it? How are you going to monetize it? You must have these answers before you come up with a bribe or start to build your list. If you spend money to get people to your opt-in page and don’t have a way to quickly monetize it, you will go broke!

The simplest next step would be to put them on a list that ultimately sends them to a webinar.

When they opt-in, I immediately add them to my autoresponder list which then gives them their free bribe, but I do NOT send them to the webinar immediately. I wait a day or two (there’s no special formula here) we just wait a day or two or even three and then we send them an email inviting them to a free webinar.

Give them a reason for emailing them about the webinar; something to the effect of “Because you were interested in our blah, blah free report we know you will be interested in this free blah,

blah training, special information, webinar or whatever it is.” They now feel special because they are getting special training, webinar etc.

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