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What happens next?

A certain percentage of the people will show up on the webinar/training where they will be made an offer or sent to a webinar follow up where they will get an offer to purchase something. These people can then go on the 8-step follow up.

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What if they don’t show up on the webinar?

We continue to follow up with them. But this follow up is designed to introduce products to them. In other words, wait three or four days after the webinar and then send them emails promoting products. Even the people who did show up on the webinar are on this list. Once every two weeks, or if you wish, once a month we follow up and introduce them to one of our products or services.

You may not have additional products or maybe only one or two additional products and you’re rightfully thinking people will get sick and tired of you promoting these same products over and over. You can introduce them to products that you believe in and have an affiliate link for. You can alternate between your products and other good affiliate products. Or maybe you want to send them to another webinar. You could send them directly to another sales page or even an opt-in page for another of your products where they will be added to a list for this product and the whole sequence will start over.

Method Two:

This method uses a direct sale. This lead generation system is not free. This method is a low cost report, video, MP3 etc.

How much should you charge when using this method? I usually use $7 but it could be anything above $2 and below $10. I do NOT use $1 or $2 because people have become accustomed to that being the price being used for trial subscriptions, so that price point makes them leery.

Obviously the $7 offer isn’t your monetization strategy. The $7 is just to help defray your advertising cost. In a best case scenario, the $7 could completely cover advertising cost. In a worst case scenario, it will help defray advertising cost.

Once again, one of the simplest ways to monetize this is with a webinar. For example, let’s say you send out a blanket email and 100 people purchase your $7 report. You then offer them the webinar. You’ll have a low number sign up for the webinar because it’s 90 minutes and they don’t want to make the commitment.

Let’s say 10% actually sign up for the webinar. Of those 10 people only 30% will actually show up on the webinar. Of course, you have built a list of leads which is what you wanted.

We can do better.

Let’s look at human nature — when a person purchases something, they expect to receive the item they purchased.

That’s simple enough. When I go to the store and buy an electric pen and marker set, I expect to find both items in the bag when I get home.

So change it up a bit… don’t give them a free training; instead, we include a training.

What most people do is utilize the training/webinar as a bonus and say, “here’s your report and as a free bonus you’ll also receive my free training/webinar.

What you should do is change it by removing the words “free bonus.” Your offer would now say, “Get this $7 report on blah-blah-blah and as part of a special offer today, you’ll also receive an additional 90 minutes of training… you’ll receive the report PLUS 90 minutes of training.”

We’ve removed the words “free bonus” and instead said, you’ll receive your $7 report PLUS you’ll also receive my 90-minute training. Make sure you always mention both the report and the training.

They order the $7 report and then go to download their report AND they are also expecting information on how to access the 90-minute training. In their mind they purchased the 90-minute training; they did NOT get it for free.

It was one of the reasons they made the purchase in the first place.

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