Building Strong Trust In Your Market

TBuilding Strong Trust In Your Marketrust and authenticity are not just good ideas but critical to women in particular. I want to back up a little and give you a reference that’s going to help you in all your marketing decisions when it comes to reaching either the male or female market. It comes down to how both genders are hard-wired to make not just purchasing decisions, but ALL decisions.


Psychology Today says, “We inhabit our high-tech world with Stone Age minds because there has not been enough time to change our psychology to match our environment.” In other words we’re just cave people driving around in fast cars and talking on cell phones. So here’s how I’d like you to think of the two genders. Trust me, this is a huge observation because it speaks volumes about how to reach either gender, but particularly women.

His Drive: Fight competition for tribe status and survival, plus win choice of mate and pass on genetics. That’s his instinct. The more conquests, the better for survival of DNA.

Building Strong Trust In Your MarketHer Drive: Survive by being taken care of by provider, not being difficult, bonding with other females to create community and raise healthy offspring.

That’s her instinct. Take time to choose mate because women don’t have as many potential pregnancies/options in life.

  • Naturally men are more single- focused on the individual. It’s about getting ahead and winning.
  • Women are more community focused on the group. Women don’t want to see a loser. Everyone wins. Kumbaya.

Another thing you should keep in mind when you’re marketing to women is we make decisions differently than men because our brain circuitry is very different. Both genders have the same number of brain cells by the way . . . they’re just set up differently. Not to be offensive, but women’s brains are like pinball machines — all over the place — and men’s brains are like Pong – single focused.

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Men and women are built differently but we are all subject to falling for a smooth marketing ploy. We are fooled every day and our fears make us pass on our best ideas. Men may keep a poker face, but they also fall for the deal of the day. If we’re science projects for the behavioral economics experts then let’s make sure we have the tools to follow the path like we’ve seen on television by sticking to the green line marking your way to success. Just stay on the path.

In your business you have mere seconds to gain trust and rapport from visitors to your website. It’s essential, then, that your marketing copy includes not only the facts and figures about the product you’re promoting, but also the emotional effect that a product will have on your prospect.

  • How will it make her feel?
  • Does it make her smarter, happier, more appealing to others, less worried, more relaxed, have peace of mind, and so on?
  • Tell your buyer how the product will improve her life. Your attention to her emotions will also improve your bottom line.

We’re natural at building trust and rapport, and that’s what is required of copy. The bottom line is, that’s how I kind of got into the business. I was learning from these guys who tell you to use their formula because it’s worked for over 100 years. This is what works, don’t mess with it. They were right; it absolutely worked. I got great results for my clients; great results for myself, but I started getting feedback from people who were drawn to me, who said – “I don’t like that long copy. I don’t read all that stuff; it just sounds so over the top and hype-y.”

Women use both lobes of the brain and spend more time picturing things in their minds before making a decision. They have 11% more neurons for language and hearing as well as a larger hub for language and emotions.

Men use only one side of the brain at a time and have 2 ½ times more brain space devoted to sex than women do. Men also have larger primitive areas of the brain that trigger fear and aggression.

Marketing is largely based on psychology so the more you know, the stronger your marketing can be. Understanding biology is key to success in marketing.

Trust and authenticity are not just good ideas but critical to women in particular. So you want to come at your target market speaking the same language. With women, that language is about trust.

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Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan is a trailblazer in crafting messages that sell, particularly to women, since 1999. She’s been trained by the best of the best in marketing: Gary Halbert, John Carlton and Dan Kennedy, among others. Her client list reads like a Hall of Fame roster including visionaries like Mark Victor Hansen, Arielle Ford, Ali Brown, Marcia Weider, Les Brown, and more. Learn from her at and www.

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