Protecting Assets With Mediation

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For the past couple of years, I’ve been expanding my approach to asset protection strategy in more of a preventative manner than in a defensive one. What I mean by this is that rather than strictly utilizing and relying on the use of legal entities for protection, I’ve expanded into increasing my knowledge and skill…Click Here To Read More

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

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We all do it. I’ve certainly done it. At some point in our personal or professional lives, we’ve sold ourselves short. Whether it be in talent, abilities, or even financials. Don’t sell yourself short, you are worth it! Over the years, I’ve caught myself automatically giving a discount when someone asks what my prices are.…Click Here To Read More

Resource Review For Entrepreneurs

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As online entrepreneurs, we’re constantly looking for helpful resources. At least I know I am! I’d like to share a resource that I’ve been using for almost two years now. It has more helpful information than I originally thought, and I want to save you the trouble of having to discover what those resources are.…Click Here To Read More

Re Evaluate And Conquer

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“Throughout this entire time, I’ve never slowed down with my business. I changed the way I did things but kept pushing ahead. I switched to “virtual” type events and meetings and learned a lot in the process.” As I write this, almost three quarters into the year, it’s time to take inventory. August is the…Click Here To Read More

Documentation For Covering Your Assets

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One of the most important parts of any properly structured plan for protecting one’s assets is documentation. While this may seem somewhat obvious since there is a lot of documentation involved in setting up various legal structures, we need to focus a bit more on the totality of that documentation rather than simply limiting ourselves…Click Here To Read More

Communication As An Asset Protection Tool

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If one were to research various tools that could be used for implementing asset protection into their business, it’s highly unlikely that communication would come up as a result of their search. However, it’s my contention that it can be one of the most effective tools at our disposal when it comes to handling, primarily…Click Here To Read More

You Can Work Too Much!

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Many people I talk to or that follow me online comment about all of the irons I have in the fire. Part of that is that I enjoy what I do and sometimes I just get into a creative explosion and can’t control myself, but the truth is, you can work too much. I know…Click Here To Read More

Earn With Repurposed Content

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“The beauty behind it is that it’s already created! All you need to do is market it.”Armand Morin Using “repurposed content” is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money. I’ve made a lot of money with it in the past and am currently making money with it today. What is “repurposed content?…Click Here To Read More

Website Asset Management

One of the biggest things I’ve run into as a webmaster working with clients is the fact they have no clue where anything is or what website assets and services they’re using, not to mention how to access these assets. In addition, they have no clue what they’re paying for or who they’re paying for…Click Here To Read More

A Plan For Dealing With Customer Disputes

As online marketers, we are continually working to generate leads to offer our products and services. Simply put, this means that we are looking for customers and/or clients. While these customers and/or clients are essential for our businesses, they require inter- action of some sort. It is in these interactions where opportunities for disagreements arise.…Click Here To Read More

What 2020 Taught Us

We’re already in February and by the time you read this we’ll be over half through the first quarter in 2021. I think 2021 will be a good year and things will continue to pick up as it progresses. What will help is the hindsight we gained because of all the things that happened in…Click Here To Read More

Three Profitable Business Practices

Many people say they want to get rich in Internet Marketing but very few actually do it.Dr. Jeanette Cates Of course there are many reasons why one person might  succeed or   fail.   However,   there   are   general principles you must follow if you want to be successful. Here  are  three  business  practices  that can go a…Click Here To Read More

Are You Building Your Business Daily?

A common trap to fall into is to go and make a new product instead of marketing the product that you already haverobert plank If you are working at home (especially if you are the only employee on your business) It is far too easy to maintain and remain in your comfort zone and not…Click Here To Read More

Choosing An Online Marketing Niche

When you are just getting started with your business on the Internet you will need to decide whether you should create your own products or promote other people’s products as an affiliate.Connie regan green I found it extremely difficult to figure out what type of product I could create during my first year, so I…Click Here To Read More

How To Manage Your Email Accounts To Remain Productive

Your email account gives you access to the people in your life, but it can easily get out of control.connie regan green Do you receive hundreds of emails each  day?   You must be able to  communicate  in this  way  in  order  to  maximize  your effectiveness  in  the  shortest  amount of time. That’s why I…Click Here To Read More

Keep Your Information Above The Fold

Most of us have probably heard the expression “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” This is especially true for information marketers frank deardurff In Bret Ridgway’s course “The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make” this expression was discussed in the context of how frequently you should make contact with your clients and prospective…Click Here To Read More

5 Great Reasons To Start A Membership Site Today

There  are  a  lot  of  marketers  out  there telling you that you need a membership site. But do you really need one? Whether you’re planning a single payment download area, modular course paid in installments, or an ongoing monthly membership site, here are ten reasons to stop procrastinating and instead finish that membership site right…Click Here To Read More

Create Membership Sites Out Of Your Live Webinars

It saddens me when I see marketers offer live classes or even live coaching and then forget to do anything with the recordings…if they have made recordings at all!robert plank Freelancing or coaching is okay if you’re recording that coaching and adding it to a product.   If you’re doing it the old way (offering a…Click Here To Read More

The Need For A Customized Plan

In this article, I want to share with you a quick story that helped me to understand the value of proper, as well as customized planning.  Hopefully, you’ll see the same points that I was able to see and learn some valuable lessons. A several years ago, I successfully completed the Las Vegas Marathon. Shortly…Click Here To Read More

The Colors Of Success

One of the single most overlooked areas in marketing is the use of color on websites and in offline marketing pieces. The way we view colors psychologically triggers how we feel, think, or even buy.frank deardurff Colors are similar to words as they both have interpretations as to their meanings. Are you stirring the right…Click Here To Read More

Get Comments and Testimonials With Gravatar

Enable Gravatar on your own blog so your commenters, that are signed up, can show their picture… enabling you to get more comments and better testimonials.robert plank WordPress blogs allow for gravatar (globally recognized avatar)  support  which  means  that your  blog  can  automatically  add your commenters’ photos next to their blog posts without even asking, allowing you…Click Here To Read More

Be An Innovator Not A Duplicator

When  you  are  in  the  business  of marketing and selling products, you want to be  a  trendsetter.  You  want  to always be the one setting the pace for your industry. So how do create products that are constantly better than the competition? One way is by building a better mousetrap. It’s been around since the…Click Here To Read More

The 10:1 Marketing Rule

What’s The 10:1 Marketing Rule? Simply put, it means the price at which you’re selling your product (assuming it’s a physical product vs. digital delivery) must be priced a minimum of ten times your production cost for that product to be a viable product long term.Bret ridgway The 10:1 rule is one of the major…Click Here To Read More

Selling eBook Advertising Space

You could actually make money by selling advertising space in your eBook.stu mclaren Have you ever thought of using the eBooks you’ve created for more than just revenue stream? With a little creativity you can use your eBooks to generate multiple streams of income. More specifically, you could actually make money by selling advertising space…Click Here To Read More

To Make More Money Raise Your Prices

The biggest problem in today’s Internet society is that people don’t know how to price their products. The most common mistake is they don’t charge enough.armand morin If you want to make a million dollars a year on the Internet,  you  have to understand  you’re  not  going  to  do it from just one piece  of…Click Here To Read More

Top 10 Mistakes in Asset Protection Planning

Asset  protection  planning  is  one  of the most important things that a person can do in order to accomplish the key objectives of wealth creation, wealth accumulation, and wealth preservation. Because of the importance of this topic, it is helpful to learn how to avoid some of the biggest pitfalls associated with the overall process…Click Here To Read More