The Eight-Step Follow-Up

The Eight-Step Follow-UpOver the past few Traces issues I’ve talked about the 30x system and the first three steps in the four step Pre-framing technique…

  • The Eight-Step Follow-UpAd
  • The Eight-Step Follow-UpThe Eight-Step Follow-UpOpt-in page
  • Sales letter

Assuming we did a good job bringing them through the process and have a good Sales Page…we get good results.


We can’t sell everyone. In fact, about 94% will NOT purchase. Most marketers are happy with the 6% who purchase. In fact millions of dollars can be made from those 6%. We can follow up with them and sell them more products, services, upgrades etc.

BUT…the 94% who DIDN’T purchase is where the REAL money is!

“A follow up system is needed to reach those who read the sales letter but did not purchase.”

Armand Morin

We’re now ready for the fourth step, the FOLLOW UP. This is where the REAL profit lies.

We need to optimize our strategies in order to get the 94% that didn’t purchase…that’s where the follow-up system comes into play.

The follow up is the step most people miss in their marketing game plan.

My Eight Step Follow-up System is very simple and you should use it in all your marketing endeavors.

We start by assuming you’ve already gone through the Pre-Framing process laid out in previous issues of Traces or here on the blog.

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Here’s a Short Review

i.e. Using the 30x system we have 30 ads leading to 30 optin pages leading to one sales letter. Each ad and each optin page has one specific target i.e. lose that beer belly, lose post pregnancy weight, fit in your swimsuit etc.

The sales letter actually has each of these 30 reasons displayed in some way so all 30 of them are presented at some point. They don’t have to be in a row or 30 bullets, but in some fashion it has to state each reason at least once.

The Eight Step Follow-Up

I don’t care how good your Sales Letter is or what rocket scientist wrote it for you, the fact is, the majority of the people who read it are NOT GOING TO PURCHASE FROM IT.

A follow up system is needed to reach those who read the sales letter but did not purchase.

How effective is this “Follow-up” system? Here’s a true story that will show you just how important it is and how much money you leave on the table if you don’t use it.

This happened to me. The numbers are rough because I don’t remember the exact figures but they are very close to the actual numbers.

I did a webinar with a friend of mine. The timing wasn’t ideal because I was getting ready to go on a cruise. In fact I only had a couple of days to promote it. We ended up with 450 people registered and about 130 people showed up on the actual webinar. This is typical, about 30% of the people who register actually show up. We promoted a $97 product and after the close of the 90-minute webinar we made about $2,500 in sales, $,1250 for me and $1250 for my friend. So about 20% of the attendees purchased. Not shabby for 90 minutes of work.

The next day I left on the cruise. My friend was also on the same trip. While on the cruise something began to happen…you see, before I left, I put my automated “Eight Step Follow-up System” in place and my follow-up emails started automatically going out. Here’s where the things got hot!

Over the next eight days, while I’m enjoying my cruise, my emails were going out and money was coming in! We generated approximately another $22,400 in sales!!! My half came to $11,200. Remember we brought in around $2,500 on the night of the webinar…BUT…I added about 90% more profit by using my follow-up system.

I’m pulling these numbers from my memory so the percentage may be slightly off. The point is that I would have missed out on a tremendous profit if I had been satisfied with the outcome and skipped the follow-up.

“Remember all emails are short (around 100 words) and we do NOT try to sell from the emails.”

I can’t guarantee that you will make nine or ten times more money using this system, but you will definitely make considerably more money.

Remember with the 30x system, the whole strategy is dependent on the follow-up.

Just what is my “Eight Step Follow-up”? Like most of my systems, it’s very simple. People make two mistakes when they try to implement my system…

  1. The Eight-Step Follow-UpThey don’t do it—They figure something so simple will not work.
  2. They try to over complicate it—They figure something so simple will not work.

The Eight-Step Follow-UpWhen I say eight steps I’m referring to eight days.

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Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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