Create A Great Event Experience

Create A Great Event ExperienceYou never know what can happen at an event. George met Armand at an event they were both attending, and George and Armand met Chris at yet another event, and both of those chance meetings have resulted in both of us working with Armand for many years.

Armand’s events have enhanced the lives of so many people, including ours. The excitement has been exhilarating as we have seen the unbelievable results from people who have attended his events. For his new Complete Seminar he envisioned an event that would level the playing field and enable you to prosper right alongside the big name experts, and we believe that will be accomplished at these events.

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When attending any event (but hopefully you are attending Complete Seminar!) you want to maximize your experience to the fullest.

Let’s start by listing a few very basic things which will help you experience the full potential of your time at any of Armand’s Complete Seminars.

  • Study the speakers. Look up their websites to see what they have to offer. That will give you a better idea of what you want to get from their session.
  • Bring a jacket or sweater that can easily be put on or taken off. Make sure you bring it with you to the

training sessions each day. This may seem like an odd thing to bring up, but the room will be kept cool for the speakers on stage who will be under the light. The mind refuses to absorb knowledge when the body is cold…all it can think about is how to warm up.

  • Take good notes. We take notes quite differently, so we will share both of our ways to see if either might work for you.

George: I like a long legal pad and a mechanical pencil. The mechanical pencil is easier to write with and you can erase errors. I also suggest you have a separate page (maybe located in the back of the legal pad) that you can flip to very easily. Use this page

to record any URLs that the speakers give. Record the URL and add a little note describing it. This way you’ll have all the resources, given to you by the speakers, listed in one easy to find place. You’ll be

well on your way to creating your own Million Dollar Resource Directory!

Chris: I like a one subject spiral notebook, wide ruled. At two thirds of the way across the page, I put a line all the way down the sheet and I don’t take notes on that side other than when I get an idea of how I can use that note in my business. I also highlight things that I want to look at immediately with a bright yellow highlighter. Write those ideas

down for your business while you are thinking about it, or you will forget them.

Both of us also suggest bringing a second legal pad or notebook and going up to your room each evening and rewriting those notes because sometimes you are

writing fast and furiously and if you wait to look at those notes a few weeks later, you will wonder what in the world your chicken scratch says. Oh, and bring more than one pen! Inevitably, the ink will run out halfway through the event.

Find someone else who is taking notes at the event. Ask them if they want to compare yours and theirs.

You never know what others are getting out of it— this allows you to get a completely different perspective and also may help you create a new friendship.

When you take great notes and create an action plan while at the event, it will assure that you get your money out of any event you are attending.

  • Bring business cards. You don’t need anything fancy. For around $20, VistaPrint can print 1000 for you. If you don’t have the time for that, run down to your local Fed Ex Office.
  • The meeting room is cleared each night. Please remove ALL your belongings, including your notes, handouts, bags, binders, etc, when you leave at the end of each day. Also, please CLEARLY mark all your materials with your name. At every event we find meticulously taken notes, with no name on them. At each event we have people coming and asking if we found their notes or other possessions. If there’s no name on them, we have no way of knowing who they belong to.
  • Bring a camera (or use your phone). Have your picture taken with the experts and people in the audience. Who knows when you might want to post a picture of you and one of the speakers on your website. You can also use these pictures to put a face with a name when you call other attendees other after the event. By the way, have questions ready for speakers. But don’t go talking to them or asking them for a picture as they are about to step on the stage. While they don’t show it, all speakers are nervous as they are heading into an event to start their session. Be courteous of their time.
  • Create A Great Event ExperienceCome rested and ready to learn. Arrive early on Thursday so you’re rested and ready for the Thursday night Welcome Party if you are coming to Complete Las Vegas!

Always try to arrive early to any event. Sit in the lobby; you may see a speaker come in, and be able to say hello. Don’t take too much of their time.

Remember that they are just checking in and are likely wanting to get to their room, but it’s a great way to introduce yourself to them. Sitting in the lobby also allows you to meet other attendees and you can get to know them before starting the event. It’s always nice to head into the event seeing a few familiar faces.

If do bring someone with you to the event, spread out and network. Step out of your comfort zone. You can cover twice the ground when you do this.

  • Don’t leave on Sunday. Stick around and network. Make sure your plane reservations let you leave on Monday instead.

Networking is 50% of the value at any seminar…Take full advantage of it. The contacts you make at Complete Seminar will last for a lifetime.

A big question we always get asked is, should I bring my laptop?

The answer is really up to you. This is an Internet Marketing Seminar, and after all, computers are more than a tool, they are a lifeline that keeps our business running.

Create A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceCreate A Great Event ExperienceEat A Meal With Other Attendees -You Never Know Who You’ll Meet!

There Are Pros and Cons to Bringing Your Laptop.


  • The laptop can be used to take notes.
  • The laptop can be used to access the Internet IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM.
  • The laptop is your link to your family and business.


  • There are no means to keep your battery charged in the meeting room. Please do not ask us; we will have to tell you no.
  • Because of the layout of the room, Fire Code and Insurance…you WILL NOT be able to plug in a cable. In the past people have sat along the wall and plugged in their laptops… they WILL NOT be able to do that here. We will have to unplug any electronics we find plugged in.
  • If you use your laptop in the meeting room, make sure to bring an extra battery that can be charged in your hotel room.
  • The tables are narrow and it’s very easy for an expensive laptop to get knocked off. One gets dropped at nearly every event.
  • Water is also a danger. Water and expensive electronics are not a good mixture. Tables may have water pitchers or drinking glasses on the.
  • A laptop can “wander off ” at events. I have no idea what happens; maybe they are lost or maybe they are stolen. Remember, this is a public hotel. Strangers are everywhere. Hotels are notorious for a high turnover of help.
  • Internet Access WILL NOT be available in the meeting room.

That’s enough said on Laptops. We’re not trying to discourage you from bringing yours. Just remember…under no circumstances will you be able to have your laptop (or any other device) plugged into power in the meeting room.

Here’s one more important tip. Be considerate of your fellow attendees. If you must use aftershave, cologne or perfume, please use it sparingly. Better yet, use none at all. Many people are allergic to it. Others just can’t stand the smell. We receive “excess perfume” complaints at every event.

Remember: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Take full advantage of attending any event. We are looking forward to seeing you at any of our upcoming Complete Seminars.

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George Callens

George Callens has been on the Internet since 1996. He has worked, full time, with Armand since 2003 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer for Armand Morin Network INC.. George is also one of the founders and partners of Payblue shopping cart.

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