Creating A Customer Wow Experience

Let’s face it; almost everybody loves a pleasant surprise. When your customer receives a package from you and opens it up, what better way to make them feel even happier about their purchase then by including some type of unannounced bonus in the package.

It should be something of value that they weren’t expecting. Ideally, your bonus item will be complementary in some way to the product they purchased. For example, it doesn’t make any sense to include a bonus book about Fly Fishing in a package with a Search Engine Optimization course, but a book about Facebook Advertising might be an excellent fit.

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The bonus item doesn’t even actually have to be physical in nature. While an additional booklet or other item might only cost you a couple dollars or so, there is a definite hard cost associated with that bonus item that your numbers might not support.

You could make it an eBook or the audio or a downloadable video and place nothing more than a sheet of paper in your package instructing them where to go online to get their free bonus.

You could also gift them access to a membership site of yours for a limited period of time. Or, if you have an online catalog, a gift certificate good towards their next purchase from your website. The bonus options are only limited by your own imagination.

Free follow-up bonus webinars or teleseminars are a popular bonus item for many online marketers. These types of bonuses can be scheduled to occur on a time-delayed basis after the original purchase date.

In fact, some clever marketers announce these bonuses soon after the initial purchase by the customer but schedule some of them to occur just after the end of the initial product guarantee timeframe.

An unannounced bonus is always a very pleasant surprise, so come up with something to make your customers even happier and create that “Wow” experience.

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