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Opportunities are right on your doorstep when it comes to how to make money from your book

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Your book is information you’ve put together, based around your message and ideas, and it’s what you want to teach. It’s already organized in a logical order, and it is sound content. That content is much more valuable than most authors realize. Opportunities are right on your doorstep when it comes to how to make money from your book.

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In Russell H. Conwell’s Acres of Diamonds, the central idea is that you need not look elsewhere for opportunity, achievement, or fortune because you have the resources in your own backyard. In this case, your backyard is your book.

This is where it gets interesting. You can utilize your book to build your business. We’ve talked about ways you can use a book to position yourself and how to use it as a marketing tool. Now let’s discuss what else you can do with that same information.


If you broke a two-hundred-page book down, you could knock out fifty to one hundred articles, easy. By taking snippets, bits of information and ideas you have, and expanding upon them, you can create an article. Those articles can be used for all sorts of marketing.

They can be used for information in a membership site or on your website or whatever you want to do with them. The information is already created. All you’re doing is repositioning and repackaging. This is also something you can hire out at a reasonable cost.

If you hire help, you will know he is getting your “voice” in the article because these articles are literally your words.

Social Media Posts

The content inside your book can be broken down and used as social media posts. Updates and tweets can come right out of the book. Use your best quotes to create social-media updates or infographics for posting.

Blog Posts

A blog is an important marketing piece for an author. If you take the content in a book and break it down and put pieces of information on your blog every day, you’d have enough content to run your blog for a year or two.


Take a section of your book at a time and read it. Add discussion points, and you could have content for an entire podcast. I hear people say, “I would have a podcast if I could just come up with enough information.” Your book has the content, so use it!

Audio Products

Simply sit down in front of your computer, read the book into a microphone, and record it. Bam! You created an audio book. This is a great product for those who want your information but aren’t readers.

Video  Products

Take chapters, subtopics, and points in the book from the outline. Create a PowerPoint and narrate it by elaborating on the points in the book. Now, you have a video product.

Membership Sites

By repackaging the book content into a monthly membership site, you can turn your book into a residual money-making machine. This can be a low-end point of entry into your marketing funnel. You set it up once, yet members can continually come, time and time again.

Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing, built an entire business out of this model.

Public Speaking

Having a book will help you get speaking engagements—if that is something you decide to pursue. The book gives you credibility; you are an author. You could absolutely take the information in your book, reconfigure it, put a lecture together, and have an engaging presentation (or several).

Seminar/Boot Camp

You could also create a seminar or boot camp experience for your members. Center the whole event around the premise of your book, generating a series of talks, speeches, or presentations from its content.

If you know someone who’s an authority in a certain field, then you can bring that person in for leverage. That way, you’re not the only one delivering content at your event. If you take the time to look at your content from a fresh perspective, you will see you have the information for an entire event, right in front of you.

Putting  It All Together

We’ve talked about a lot of ways you can repurpose content, but now I want to map it out for you so you can see exactly what this could look like.

It all starts with the book. You’ve written, edited, and published the book; it’s ready to go. It’s an information piece; it’s a business card; it’s a marketing tool; and it’s a brand statement. The book is there for you.

If you look at the chart below, you can see how you start with a book, then repurpose the content. The first step is to break the book down into free communication tools, such as social media updates, blog posts, and podcasts. These freebies turn your reader into a raving fan.

From there, you can create audio products, video products, and membership sites. Here is where you start moving the reader toward becoming a raving fan.

Next, if you want to throw your hat into the public speaking realm or hold a seminar, you will have a list of customers who’ve already bought from you. You can now market these live events to them.

So from a fifteen- or twenty-dollar book, you’ve created all of your communication, from free to low to middle to high-end price point, and you’ve even opened the door to public speaking events and/or being able to hold your own seminars.

You’ve moved from book, to free communication, to products and events, to a business.

In its most simple form, that’s how you create a business from a book. You have the book, and it serves its purpose, but then you can repurpose the content and create everything you need to build a business that far outreaches the book.

When looking at all of this, it’s important not to get overwhelmed. Instead, decide which of these suggestions are for you. Maybe you’re not going to be a public speaker or host seminars, but you may want to do a membership site and/or a video product. You can mix and match these suggestions to fit your vision. It’s your business!

  • You start with a book
    • Then Repurpose The Content
      • Social Media
      • Blog Posts
      • Podcasts
      • Audio Products
      • Video Products
      • Membership Sites
      • Public Speaking
      • Seminars
  • You Now Have A Business

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