Don’t Forget The Follow Up

Recently I decided to do a test on a free checklist for my iMakeBookCovers.com site and it crossed my mind that there is one step to this process I think many have forgotten.

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Don't Forget The Follow UpDon't Forget The Follow UpDon't Forget The Follow UpWe take the time to create the giveaway item whether it be a free report, checklist or special training video. We then add the opt-in form to our site, connect it to our autoresponder account to capture the lead and in many cases we consider it done.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth…

Don't Forget The Follow Up
Don’t Forget The Followup

There are TWO important steps to lead follow-up that I see many people fail at, and both are actually critical to the process.

The first is to check to make sure everything works. On a past coaching call I had a person say they were not getting any leads through their system only to find out their form didn’t work correctly.

Now it IS possible that it worked when it was first set up and something broke in the process, but it’s a good idea to occasionally check to make sure things are working. Think about scheduling a monthly reminder on your calendar.

Make sure after you opt in it goes to the confirmation page you had planned. If you are doing double opt in, make sure you explain what to expect next. If it is single opt in, tell the visitor the instructions on how to get the promised prize.

Now to discuss the step I’ve seen many forget of late…

It’s the follow up email series. Just because you automatically give them the free item (report, checklist, video) doesn’t mean they’re going to take you up on your offer right then and there.

Many times they need to consume the item you just gave them. We are all busy and many times we get interrupted and don’t get to finish what we started. Your website visitors are no different. Why leave it to chance that they sat down right then and there and read or watched your material and took the desired reaction.

You MUST follow up with a series of emails. Help them consume what you’ve just given them. Not only does this remind them they took an interest in your offering, but it also gives you the chance to suggest they revisit your site.

I know you are probably thinking… Come on, Frank; it was hard enough to come up with the free give away, now I have to write content for emails, too?

It’s actually not that difficult…

For example, if you’ve created a checklist as I have on my opt-in, take those checklists (or tip) items and use one for each email. My checklist was “7-Tips for Creating a Successful Book Cover.“ I’m turning that into nine emails.

I know, I know… I said I have seven tips. Let me explain…

Email #1 —Hello, yesterday you opted in for my checklist titled, _____. I hope you were able to download it, you can find it here, _____.

Email #2-8 — Hi, it’s Frank from… I just wanted remind you of tip #X, or checklist item X, or even in the training video at about minute X…. oh by the way, if you missed it check it out at _____.

Email # 9 — Hello I’m concerned, you’ve download and read/watched the information and you’ve not taken action yet. Could you reply to this email or visit (Insert link) to let me know what questions you may have about ____.

If you’re doing this already, that’s GREAT, but if you’re not taking advantage of this strategy, just think about the impact it can have on converting that lead into an action!

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