Don’t Get Hung Up On Quick Decisions

Don’t waste time on the decisions that should be simple. Don’t get caught up second-guessing yourself when you know what the right answer is. Make the easy decisions quickly and move on.

Trust your gut. Your instincts are sharper than you give them credit for. I know it may seem difficult to go with your gut sometimes because it may be leaning in the opposite direction of your desire.

When that happens, it could be a clear sign that your want is trying to override your logic. The heart may know what it wants but the gut knows when you’re about to step into a mess that you may not be able to get out of.

This isn’t about never having what you want. I’m definitely not saying that. I’m simply saying you can’t always rely on what you want being the right choice. When you let your emotions dictate how you decide, you’re relying on what is likely the least stable part of your being. There are three parts of the inner you. Your mental side will rely on what it’s learned and use logic to solve the equation; your spiritual side will use moral principle and values to weigh out the options in front of you; and your emotional side will decide based on what feels good or right.

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Your emotional side will ebb and flow, rise and fall, twist and turn and eventually try to convince the other system that its decision is the right one. Your decisions should be made using all three parts. After your logic confirms the decision and your spirit is calm about it, then check in with your emotional side and if you still desire.

Quick decisions are the ones all three inner parts instantly agree on, or they’re ones that one area or the other makes a case so strong that the other two areas concede quickly to. When this happens, say yes or no quickly.

The key to successfully completing a quick decision is to make it, then move on and leave it in the past. Don’t spend time questioning and rethinking quick decisions; that’s why they are called quick decisions. Make your choice and go!

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