Eliminate Excuses They Slow You Down

Do you ever feel bogged down? Look ahead at the possibilities.

You need to think about  what  you are doing today, but don’t lose your vision. Many say, “I don’t have a vision, I don’t know what’s ahead.” That‘s called a “fuzzy vision”.

Eliminate Excuses They Slow You Down

If you look out ahead and don’t see much coming, it’s because you haven’t created what  you  want.  That  lack of vision is a vision. The difficulty with that is that is usually brings little to you.

Engineering Your Vision

When you focus on a goal, and you keep making progress step-by-step toward it, you gain energy. You feel stronger and more willing to keep moving as you experience yourself moving into achievement.

When you create a “possibility vision”, each step you take feels rewarding. The movement is an acknowledgement within your mind that the vision can manifest. The stressors and heaviness of this moment are temporarily lessened because you see and feel the achievement.

What do you want to accomplish the next 365 days? Your potential is huge. Look ahead. Think about what your ideal outcome would be. Break it into steps that you believe are doable, and you now have a map to follow.

Will you encounter bumps in the road? Certainly. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop, it just means you hit a bump. When you take on that challenge and make it through, you feel stronger. The challenges also force you to clarify your focus, which enables you to step even nearer your desired outcome.

Persist And Win

The wise old philosopher Plato said, “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” The smallest, and the most gigantic of accomplishments, all are attained one step at a time. Make progress—step by step.

Your focus on desired goals is crucial. There will be distractions—oh well, so what. If they pull you away from what you want, when you notice you have wandered, just bring your attention back. It’s not a big deal, just refocus and start up again.

The human butterfly mind flits from thing to thing. When it heads off course, just bring it back and send it once again in the direction you desire.

In the coming days, weeks and months—keep looking ahead. Keep refocusing on what you desire, and where you want to be. This focus on your vision pays high dividends in time and energy.

The more you define what you want, the clearer your vision. The clearer your vision, the higher will be your energy, and the faster you’ll move to your desired goal

Free Yourself

It’s easy to make excuses. Blaming what happened on a situation  or other person happens often. Excuses don’t really help, and they make you look weak.

Why would someone make an excuse? Why would a person lie? What would be the reason why someone would blame another person to get out from under their trouble? There is only one reason for any of these—fear…

If you have no fear, you can just own your part in what happened. You don’t have to worry about saving face, making some else look bad so you won’t look bad, getting in trouble or getting reprimanded.

Making an excuse may make you look better in that circumstance. Yet the difficulty from making up excuses or blaming is that it often boomerangs back on us.

Take One Step

Don’t make excuses—make progress. When a difficulty arises, do  what  you can and move on. Explore the difficulty, learn what you can, chart a new course, get on with it. Don’t hide behind excuses.

If someone is distressed because of what happened, you can’t control their emotions. Only they can. Do what you can to assist them in calming and refocusing, then take actions you can that will help you move closer to your desired goal.

A small bit of progress is still progress! Action taken, if all you do is learn what not to do, is still progress. The biggest excuse is far less valuable than the smallest learning or a little progress. So keep moving!

Kick The Excuse Habit

Excuses are useless and block your true progress. Instead of  wasting your time and energy on them, focus on what you want and what you can do to move forward. Plan one step— and act.

Today is  an  opportunity  to  learn and create. Grab on to this amazing moment and step-up to personal pro-activeness.

No one else can make today  better for you—only you can. Blow away excuses and stride into a better today. When you make each today great, you move ever closer to a spectacular tomorrow.

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