Email Improvement Tips

Email Improvement TipsContrary to what many are saying, email is not dead! Here are just a few email tips to improve your end user’s experience with your messages.

A confusing email subject line can be a big issue. Don’t try to be to clever. Just get the point across, but intrigue them enough to get them to open it.

Make sure the email you are sending is mobile friendly. Most email services have a preview mode so you can see what it looks like before you send. If you are unsure, send yourself a test email and check from your mobile device.

The first 15-20 words of your email are the most important as many email clients use this text to display in the preview pane of the email client. Think about the people who get email notifications on their phones—those 15-20 words will make the difference on if they read it now, later, or ever.

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Email your list frequently so they remember who you are. It’s like building a relationship—if you don’t call, they will think you’re no longer interested.

Be consistent with the from field, as well. I try to make it a hab- it to send my emails from “Frank – That One Web Guy.” This way they know it is me and not some other Frank.

Don’t waste their time. Make your message relevant and get to the point. I get an average of 300 emails a day—99% of which are deleted.

If I don’t recognize the person who sent it, it will likely be de- leted. If the subject doesn’t mean anything to me, I don’t open it. If the first couple of sentences don’t tell me what I’m about to read, I’m not even going to look at it. If someone wants me to take action on something, they better be sure they attract my attention very quickly.

If you are asking the reader to do something, give them instructions of exactly what you want them to do. While this sounds like a no brainer, if you really look at the above items and improve, you will see an increase in activity.

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