Email Marketing Works

Email Marketing WorksWe’ve heard over and over that you must continue to create content for your subscribers and customers, content is king! When you provide good email content it deepens your relationship with your audience.

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The goal is to deliver quality, niche specific content that your prospects need and hopefully share with others. With that in mind…

Three Tips on Creating Great Content

1. Email Marketing WorksSolve a Problem

People subscribe to emails because they are looking for solutions to their

problems. Your emails should be a source to solve their problems.


Resort: People who opted in on a resort website

You have an email list of people for a Resort, maybe a resort in Jamaica. Now, what problem is being solved?

If people want to go on a vacation, they are looking for a “break” from the everyday hustle and bustle, to get away from reality, get away from stress – so that is the problem that is being solved.

Emails can focus on “Tired of the 9-5 grind and ready to soak in the warm Caribbean waters and get away from it all…”

Restaurant: People who opted in on a restaurant website

Why do people go to restaurants? Save time cooking or maybe just a fun night out. Send out an email addressing saving time…” Come visit us at XX and let us cook for you, why spend your precious time in the kitchen. Sit down, relax and we will cater to you…”

As a busy mom, this sounds like a dream come true!

Makeup: People who opted in on a website regarding anti-aging

Why are the on your list? They want to “turn back the clock and look younger.” So your emails can be centered on not only the product you are selling, but different things they can do to look and feel younger. It can be around exercise, even tips on types of clothes to wear.

So think of the REASON why they are on your list and address the problem you are solving.

2. Providing Resources

To go along with solving problems, your emails should also serve as a source of resources. Different types of resources…


How to find the best flights to your destination (of course with an affiliate link). Give suggestions and tips on good times to book flights for the best deals, then provide links to the recommend websites to book a flight.


People love to think that they are on the “inside” and only they get access to privileged information. You can send out an email that gives them a “recipe” of one of the dishes at the restaurant, provide ingredients and instructions, and maybe even a video of the chef!


Resources can be something in the area of a home recipe for an moisturizing facial mask. Give step by step instructions with pictures or even a video.

3. Make It About Them

Try to refrain from talking about how amazing you are unless it can benefit them in some kind of way. The content should focus on THEM and how you can help educate them, and help make their lives better.

How can you make it about them?


We want YOU to relax and get away from everything (be concerned about them de-stressing).


We want YOU to have a great night to relax, let us cook for you.


We want YOU to love yourself and the skin that you are in.

Remember, email marketing WORKS, you just need to make sure you are providing the correct content to your list for them to become more active and engage with your messages.

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