Entrepreneurship… It’s Exhausting, Right?

Entrepreneurship... It's Exhausting, Right?Entrepreneurship... It's Exhausting, Right?It’s good to feel drained at the END of the day. In the middle

something more simple and stable. When I’m feeling this way, I remind myself that entrepreneurship allows me to provide my family with so many freedoms and opportunities that I couldn’t if I worked a Entrepreneurship... It's Exhausting, Right?of the day, that’s not so good.

Oftentimes we need a “boost” to keep us going, especially when we’re working with deadlines and important projects.

So how do you boost your mental energy when it’s low? I think Entrepreneurship... It's Exhausting, Right?everybody has different methods for this. These are the ones that work for me:

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Listen To Music That Pumps You Up

The fastest and easiest way for me to give myself a boost is to put on a good old dance song. That can include going in the car and cranking up a tune that I can sing at the top of my lungs, or having a little dance party with the kids at night where we’re running around the house and we’re dancing to a song. Dancing and music immediately energize me, so that’s one thing that I always do.

Read Feedback From People You’ve Impacted

The second thing that I do is I love reading testimonials or case studies.

I also enjoy reading comments from customers who have received value and gotten results. This connects me to the “why?” of my business. I’m doing this because I want to help people. I want to serve entrepreneurs. Reading their success and the momentum that they’re creating in their business fires me up!

Connect With Your Big “Why”

What’s your big “why?” Why do you do what you do? For me, my business is designed to serve entrepreneurs but my entire CAREER is designed to spend time with my wife, Amy, and the kids.

Sharing experiences with the people who matter most is what I live for. It’s my BIG “why?”.

It’s easy to second-guess ourselves as entrepreneurs. Sometimes we resent the responsibility that entrepreneurship brings and we find ourselves wishing for “regular” job.

Entrepreneurship... It's Exhausting, Right?Thinking about this brings me right back into focus. It energizes me and makes me remember why I’m doing this. Right now, the opportunities for you and I are incredible. This is the greatest time ever to be an entrepreneur.

We have the chance to contribute to our family, to our community, and to the world in a much bigger way than we ever have before.

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