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After The Eight Step Follow-Up

Recently we talked about the 8-step follow-up. If you follow it just as I laid out, you’ll start making a lot more money… more than you ever thought possible. But, the 8-step follow-up is not the entire story.

Feed The BeastThe 8-step follow-up is the initial follow-up. This month we’ll cover the next piece of the follow-up puzzle. After the completion of the 8-steps:

We start with a follow-up, every other day, for the next two weeks (This is optional but highly recommended).

What do we send them? Maybe a report or two, an introduction to our other products…basically you’re keeping in touch with them offering them other products and ideas. This is a total of seven emails over the two week period.

Now for the next four weeks we send them an email once a week. This time we DEFINITELY want to introduce them to a new product, once-a-week, for four weeks.

Will this be for the same product we promoted in the 8-step follow-up? In this case the answer is “no” because you’ve just hit them really hard with the previous follow-up.

Our intention is to get them on other lists. We’re going to make offers on different products once a week for four weeks. It could be your products (this is the best option if you have additional products) or someone else’s products.

Let’s back up and make sure we understand this.

For the first two weeks we send them an email every other day (optional). That’s a total of seven emails. Then for four weeks, we send them an email once a week for a total of four more emails.

That makes a grand total of 11 emails.

MacBook Pro beside white papers and plant

We don’t stop there; we now send an email out every other week for the next four weeks. This gives us two more emails for a total of 13 emails. And after that we send an email each month for the remainder of the year. This is approximately 10 months, so at the end of 12 months we’ve sent roughly 23 emails. (Remember the first two weeks were optional). Throughout this 23 email process (31 emails counting the ones in the 8-step follow-up), we’re going to send them information about our products or something we’ve seen (that we can earn commission on). We’re going to try to get them interested in something else we have or at least have access to. We don’t need 23 products because we can include the same product in more than one email.

Why continue to send these people emails for an entire year? I can try to improve different presentations, opt-in pages, sales letters etc., all of these will effect sales, but the one thing I can’t control or improve on is timing. In many cases, no matter what I say, what I offer or what my price point is, no matter how I market to people, it will just be a bad time for them to purchase. It may or may not be a money issue; they’re just not ready for my offer.

So in using this method, I’m keeping in front of them for a year to let them know I still exist, and I still have a product(s) they may be interested in.

All of this is automated. We set it up once and everything remains in place.

You’re turning your business into an automated machine! Think of the machine as a beast, and your job is to feed this beast with new prospects and let it do the work.

The machine will do the work that you’re uncomfortable with (sending that many emails). The machine will do the work that you’re to unorganized to do (send emails out on a strict schedule).

The machine will do all the things you would forget to do! You concentrate on continually feeding the beast and let it do the work.

How many products should you do this for? The answer is simple, do it for every one of your products. Advertise your product, do the launch and then follow-up. The system enables you do it for an unlimited number of products.

You will not find this system written about in any book, you will not find it taught in any course, you won’t find it anywhere on the Internet. In fact, I usually forget to mention it in my training courses. I created it because it’s simple, easy and makes sense. Use it and prosper!

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Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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