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A fun project I’ve been doing lately is working on some side hustles. One reason I’ve been doing this is to see just exactly what is possible to earn a little extra income. Another reason is that it gives me the opportunity to see what works in different markets. In this review, I’m going to let you in on a super-secret tool that’s going to help you make more sales on your Etsy Store! I imagine you could probably use it for other things as well in your SEO strategies. But this tool is geared toward those who utilize the Etsy platform to sell products.

So, what is, you ask? It’s much more than the #1 Etsy SEO site! Think of it as a secret spy tool for keyword research, tracking competitors, and spotting trends.

They have so many tools and reports to help you even decide what products to create so that you can have a successful product from the start. One of the benefits is that you can connect your eRank account to your Etsy store and get statistics you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

From the main dashboard you can see your sales, information about your listings, trends on Etsy and so much more. One of the areas that I find helpful is the section that alerts you with issues such as missing tags, spelling concerns, missing images or even tag usage. Tags on Etsy are like keywords, and we know having the right keywords is important so using keyword suggestions or knowing when you’re not using the right tags is very helpful.

Speaking of helpful, you can utilize eRank to connect Google Analytics to your store to get even more data to improve sales. As you could guess, knowing what Google sees about your store can only improve listings and sales conversions.

The tools to optimize your products on Etsy seem endless. By clicking on your store listing, you will see an itemized list of all of your products for that store.

You can quickly scroll through the product list and see the number of sales update info like last update and expiry date, hold old the product is, and a link to SEO tips. Clicking the SEO tips links opens a listing for that individual product with every information imaginable to help improve your product listing.

Frank Reviews: eRankOn that product listing page, you are shown a grade of how erank feels your product is ranked following Etsy practices. And that’s just the start! It follows up that ranking with tips on what and where to improve— areas such as title length, character, word count and where your title will be truncated if it is too long. That is an important feature because if your title isn’t structured properly, your main keyword could possibly not be seen by the search engines.

After the title analysis you see other areas such as tag analysis, category, description analysis, image review, and so much more. The final area on the product listing page is the previews section and the hashtag generator. The preview is what your product listing will look like in Google. By having this view, you might want to make changes to help improve conversion. And of course, the hashtag generator gives you a tool to create, copy and paste hashtags to your social media posts for this individual product which comes in very handy in your busy day.

There is no way I could cover every asset this site offers to help you grow your Etsy store. Just a look in the tools link you will see resources such as Keyword Explorer, Keyword Lists, Keyword Comparisons, Bulk Keywords, Rank Checker, ROI Calculator, Profit Calculator and so much more.

While they do have a free version, I feel the paid versions are definitely worth the price. They start out at $5.99 per month for basic and go up to

$29.99 a month for expert. Their plans page shows a nice chart of what you get in each package along with an FAQ section to answer any questions you may have. If you are selling on Etsy or would like to be, you should easily be able to cover the cost of this service with just a sale or two per month. Actually, you will probably make even more sales using this tool for your Etsy store.

If you are one of the few who might be unfamiliar with Etsy, it is an online marketplace focused on handmade products and crafts. In terms of marketplace popularity, it ranks fourth in the US behind only Amazon, Ebay and

I have several Etsy stores myself each focused on different categories to keep the store relevant for that industry. My first Etsy store was for t-shirts which was one of the original reasons I created my first website over 25 years ago.

I would highly recommend erank to anyone with an Etsy store. I hope this review has helped shed some light on this useful service, and maybe even piqued your interest in possibly looking into the possibility of an Etsy store for a side hustle!

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