Getting Offline To Work With Online To Make More Money

In this 2 part article I will cover how you can and SHOULD use traditional offline marketing or offline Customer service to maximize the:

  • Revenue & Profits Per Customer
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Convenience

In this first article I will cover how a cus- tomers’ access to you or your team by phone can add 20-50% to your bottom line, easily!!

Setting up a Phone number BEFORE, DUR- ING and AFTER the sale will help you with, Sales, Loyalty, Returns and Stick Rate!!

So let’s get started:

If you are an Internet Marketer, or getting started in Internet Marketing and online marketing I have a surprise for you.

There is still such a thing like a:

  • Post Office (ok they are almost bankrupt but still they exist)
  • A Land Line Telephone
  • A Checkbook (and not just Credit cards)

My point is that in the online Marketing industry it is very common to only focus on online methods of payment, online delivery of goods and online customer support.

And that is understandable, because with it you can be anywhere and do business anywhere  else.  And  by  not  having a phone number for people to call in you don’t have to be at their “mercy” on when they want to talk to you and how long the want to be on the phone with you.

But here is the issue with this which are most likely costing you a LOT of money.

While this works for lower priced items like eBooks and smaller online delivered courses,  you  are  leaving  a LOT of money on the table if you follow this approach for high priced items in the range of $497 and up and particularly if you are using Webinars to sell the program (which is the way to go right now) Often after a webinar people still have questions lingering.

And as we know questions are really not questions but they are objections.

We also know that people make their decisions on emotion and then back it up by reasoning.

It doesn’t work the other way around.

Now there is nothing wrong  with  that because if you truly believe in your program and know it will help people accomplish what it promises to accomplish, then I believe it is your responsibility to make the program as enticing as possible and make them WANT it as much as possible. So selling on emotions is a GOOD thing, assuming you also fully believe in your program. If you don’t then don’t even sell that program!!

So if you have no way for people to ask these questions/objections or force people to submit an online question after they read the sales copy watch the sales video or attend webinar and then you take 24  hours  to  answer  (or even for that matter 2 hours), the emotions have worn off, and they are much LESS likely to order the program you want. Or even if there was not much emotion involved, they are now already busy with life, distracted, or perhaps already pulled into the next thing someone else is offering them.

So you missed your window of opportunity to sell to them and potentially change their lives!!

Getting Offline To Work With Online To Make More Money

Therefor I am a big proponent of giving people the opportunity to actually CALL in and ask their question BEFORE they make their buying decision and to allow them to place their order over the phone.

Now depending on the subject matter you teach and the demographics that you teach it to, there could be a not insignificant amount of people who just plainly refuse to order online.

My particular niche is Real Estate Investing and it is just a fact that most people interested in Real Estate are 35 or 40 years and older (meaning they grew up mainly without the internet) and many to this day just don’t trust giving out their CC online.

Or they are uncomfortable using the internet to start with and therefore rather call in to place their order.

Or how about someone who REALLY wants your program but has to split the payment into 2-3 different credit cards?

Just a few weeks ago I had someone splitting a $1597 payment onto 5 different Credit cards. Without access to a phone number to call us we would have lost that customer and missed out on almost $1500 in revenue.

And on average whenever we  do put a phone number on the slides in a Webinar we get 20-30% of additional sales  we  otherwise  would  have NOT gotten (and we have tested it extensively) via the phone.

Last but not least it is always a good idea to have a phone number for people to call in after they bought for customer support on higher ticket items.

Just ask yourself, if you bought a course for $2000 would you not also want to be able to talk to someone if you are stuck somewhere?

Of if you bought a $2,000 software with an additional $97 a month in subscription fees wouldn’t you want for someone from their support team to be available to you when you really need them?

So why don’t you offer it?

It doesn’t even have to be very expensive.

There are service call centers out there which charge a small monthly fee and then charge as little as $.55 cents per minute that one of THEIR guys is on the phone.

And you can pre-train them, give them exact rules  of  what  needs  to be answered what way (FAQs, and procedures) and as a result they only pass on to you the more complex questions you probably should answer yourself anyway.

AND these guys can even take your phone orders at no additional fee or commission (you just pay the per minute on the phone rate).

To find companies like this just Google terms like “customer service call centers” or email me and I can refer you to a few of them. Some are even being owned by fellow Marketing University members.

And what does that do to your customer’s satisfaction, knowing that they can:

  • Order via the phone and get their questions = objections answered before they order
  • Call in after the purchase and get prompt services and get their problem resolved

Right it makes them RAVING FANS of you because NOBODY else offers that leading to less returns, more referrals, and more repeat buyers.

So make sure you consider that adding a phone number and making it actually easy for people to reach you can be a PROFIT center by:

  • Reducing Returns
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty
  • Adding Repeat Buyers (who spend with you rather than your competition.)

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