How Do You Write A Post-Sale Follow Up Sequence?

Figuring out what emails to send to your subscribers is easy. First of all, you need to have a separate sub-list in your autoresponder for every product you sell. That means if you sell one e-book and one membership site then you have a sub-list for the e-book and a sub-list for the membership site.

But don’t stop there. Have a prospect list for each product and a post-sale list for every single product you have. That means if you sell two products, you’ll have four sublists – the pre-sale e-book list, the post-sale e-book list, the pre-sale membership list and the post-sale membership list.

How Do You Write A Post-Sale Follow Up Sequence?

How Do You Write A Post-Sale Follow Up Sequence?Let’s say that someone bought your e-book. What email should we send the people who have already bought? This formula is sim- ple. During the first week, we want people to consume our product. during the second week, we want a testimonial out of them and during the third week, we ask for an upsell.

In the first week, figure out how far along someone is in consuming our product. If you’re selling a 20-page e-book and you ex- pect people to consume it in seven days, that means that every day, they should consume three pages of your e-book.

The e-mail you send the day after they buy could say, “I hope you downloaded my e- book. Here’s the download link. By now you should be on page three and you should have learned this and you should have taken that action.” Send an email a few days later that says, “You should be on page nine which is this chapter, you’ve learned that and you’ve done that.”

Do this two or three times during that first week and you have helped them consume your e-book. You’ve reminded them to download, read, consume and take action. That’s the first week.

In the second week,  they have consumed the first portion of your product. It’s time to figure out what they think of it so we can use their testimonial. You can easily send three emails. The first email simply asks what they thought of  it then they can reply directly to you and you can reply to get their opinion.

In the middle of the second week, you then ask them three questions so the people who did not reply to you can answer these three questions. First ask, “What new things have you learned from my product?” “What one thing do you know but were reminded of?” and finally, “What action are you going to take?” You can also ask them for their URL and maybe even a picture of them which is optional. But now you have everything you need to put together a great testimonial.

Finally, the third week means that they have consumed your product, they’ve reviewed it and now it’s time for them to take the next step. Tell them about the next product. They just bought your e-book, tell them about a few good reasons why they should get into your membership site.

Tell them that they’ve learned this first step, now it’s time to go to the next step and join the member- ship site. Again, you only need about three emails for this week just like for the past two weeks. And now you have a total of nine emails – three emails helping them to consume your product, three emails asking for a testimonial and three of them offering your next item for sale.

That’s all you really need in a post-sale autoresponder follow up sequence – a reminder to consume, a request for a testimonial and an offer for an upsell.

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