How Important Are H Tags?

This article is based around my most recent Marketing University training about the things you might be missing on your website. One of the main items I talked about was H tags and relevancy. Using H tags is a website technique that could improve your online business.

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What The H?

How Important Are H Tags?

I’ll first explain what an “H” tag even is. The “H” in H tag is short for Headline. It is an HTML tag used to define headlines on your web page.

In original HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) markup you have varying levels of the H tag ranging from H1 being the largest to H6 being the smallest. You would use these H tags to set the size of the headline.

As you progress in web page layout to adding CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can better format the appearance of any HTML tags on our page including the font, color, size, etc.

What About SEO?

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It’s true that H tags play a big part in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well. We’re all looking for ways to get better placement in search engines so that we receive more visits to our websites.

By properly utilizing H tags you’re telling the search engine what your content is about. For example, when I posted this article on my blog, I used the H1 tag around the title “How Important Are H Tags?” So not only does H1 make it the largest text, it denotes it as the most important title.

Likewise, the subtitles “What The H” and “What About SEO” are H2 tags to not only make them smaller than the initial headline but show they are important text that allows the reader to know what that section of the text is about.

Is That All You Need To Know About The H Tag?

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While those are the most important things you need to know, it is also good to make sure that the H tags are relevant to the rest of the copy (text) on the page.

Adding the right H tags will help grab attention and invokes the reader to read on. You want to be sure that the body text for that section makes sense to what the headline is about.

Search Engines are getting smarter every day. You definitely don’t want to “game” the system. By following simple guidelines and using these in every day practice, you will naturally get better at not only writing but also get better readership as your pages are better ranked in the search engines.

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