How Often Do You Update Your Keywords

Over the last several weeks we have discovered that many of the businesses we know have not updated their keywords in a long time—if ever.  My question  to you  is; when was the last time you took a look at the key- words in the copy of your website, on the back side of your website in the Meta tags and headlines and in your directory listings?


  • Do your keywords support your current business?
  • Have you added new products and services that are not part of your keywords?
  • When you delete a product or service from your business offering, do you remove the key- words relating to that product or service from your meta tags and copy?
  • How many keywords do you use per page on your website?
  • Have you had professional re- search to show you the competition for your top 10 keywords?
How Often Do You Update Your Keywords

Let’s start with the basics—What is a keyword or phrase? They are words that describe your business, products or services. For example, if you are a plumber in Denver your keywords could be: Denver Plumber. That same plumber could use a keyword phrase like: trusted plumb- er available in southeast Denver 24/7 or reliable licensed plumber services pipe breaks. Which do you think will get higher exposure?

The words you use to describe our business should support the strengths of your business. A little known secret is that you can take the top 10 keywords you think are best for your business and determine what your chance of exposure is based on internet usage. I know it sounds complicated and it is, but this exercise is vital   to making sure your business stands out and rises in the search engines. It is called keyword research and it will help you Stand Out and B Found.

YellowSchmello suggests that, at a mini- mum, you have your keywords professionally researched at least twice a year. The results from this keyword research can also be used for content on blogs, social media posts and advertisements.

Make sure that your investment on the internet is getting the exposure you want and deserve.

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Jill Wisehart

Jill Wisehart has specialized in brand management and marketing for over 25 years. She has launched well-known brands like Coach Leatherwear stores, Dish Network and STARZ, just to name a few. She loves to help others position themselves and their businesses. Do you need to add or change your SEO tactics?

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