How to Find an Unending Supply of Hot Niche Markets by “Secretly” Tapping into the Minds of Today’s Consumers

No matter what you sell online or where you sell it, one of the most important skills for an online marketer to master is the ability to find an ongoing supply of hot niche markets stocked with pools of hungry buyers.

Once you know where to look and how to spot hot niche markets, you’ll never be at a loss for ideas for info products to create, affiliate product to market or a physical products to sell.

The problem is that even in today’s “age of innovation” and with unlimited streams of information at our fingertips; many online marketers still find themselves struggling to come up ideas for hot new niches to market in.

And without a reliable system to find these markets, your results will be hit and miss at best.

Fortunately, there’s good news. Finding your next hot niche does not require a crystal ball or a connection to the psychic trends hotline!

It will however; require you to tap  into the hearts and minds of today’s consumer…

The Why of the Buy

The first step in figuring out what people want to buy lies in understanding why they buy.

People  buy  for  two  primary reasons. To fulfill a want or to satisfy a need. At a core level, products either solve   a problem for your customer, or bring them pleasure.

Some of the top needs and wants that drive people to buy a product or service is to help them make money, save time, solve a problem, assuage a fear, bring them pleasure, show them how to do something, or improve their quality of lives ( just to name a few).

When you shift your mindset to understanding that your next hot market is not about “the product”, it’s about people – you’ll be firmly positioned on the path to niche marketing success.

Looking Outward

A common mistake I see many people make when trying to locate a hot new niche to sell in is looking inward for ideas. Trying to cull ideas primarily from what they know, rather than looking outward to absorb what’s happening all around them.

And the more they try and come up with a new idea, the more their minds draw a blank. However, in order to find hot niche markets, you have to live in the world in which your buyers live in.

Read what they’re reading. Watch what they’re watching. Spend time in the places they gather online and off.

Tapping Into the Minds of Your Buyers

What if you could hang out with your future customers? Listen to their pre- purchase conversations at  dinner. Look over their shoulders while they’re surfing the Internet deciding what to buy. Have a window into their innermost problems and desires.

What would it mean for your sales if you could recognize emerging niches before anyone else?

You can… when you frequent what I call “Idea Hotspots™”.

Idea Hotspots™ are anywhere that provides  an  unending  source   of new hot niche ideas, market trends, niche conversations, and customer centric communications. They’re fertile ground for hot market ideas. Renewable resources. Real-time and dynamic.

Idea Hotspots™ can be places, publications or even people.

They’re books, magazines, radio interviews, TV shows, shopping malls, stores, even your local coffee shop.

Whether it’s an online discussion forum on how to renovate a Craftsman house or a meeting of the local boater’s association- if you want to know what your customers will buy and find hot pools of hungry target   customers, you’ve got to plug into Idea Hotspots on a regular basis.

Now you may be asking “Why not just utilize a keyword tool to find the next up and coming niche?”

We’ll you can and should use keyword tools to help you identify your next hot niche. In fact keyword tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool KeywordToolExternal or Marketing Samurai are Idea Hotspots in and of themselves.

But in addition to looking at the volume of keyword searches for a particular topic or niche, you have to have insight into what’s going on behind  the numbers. Because this insight will give you a distinct edge in the way you market your products.

Once you know why people are searching for a particular keyword or keyword phrase, the path to your next product is short and sweet.

Top Idea Hotspots™                          

There are thousands of different Idea Hotspots. And they differ for every niche. Below are three to get your started.

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Lisa Suttora

Lisa Suttora is a noted ecommerce expert and successful information marketer. One of only 34 eBay Certified Providers worldwide Lisa has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Practical Ecommerce and, the premier ecommerce trade association. A best-selling author and nationally known speaker, Lisa specializes in helping entrepreneurs build unique, remarkable & profitable online businesses.

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