How To Get 1000+ Newsletter Subscribers

There are many strategies to making money on the internet, but nothing makes sense unless you have a big list. Email Marketing is the most profitable way to make money on the internet. When you build a list of hot and hungry prospects you control your future.

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How To Get 1000+ Newsletter SubscribersYou hear it all the time, “the money is in the list.”

When I first started this used to REALLY annoy me because I didn’t have a list! But, as years past and I built a list, I’ve learned it REALLY is true.

How To Get 1000+ Newsletter Subscribers
1000 Newsletter Subscriber Formula

Having a great list is the equivalent of being able to PRINT MONEY. Literally… it’s the closest you’ll ever get.

So, I’m going to give you a VERY simple FORMULA to use. I’m going to cut the fluff and just get to the point!

NOTE: This is not the ONLY way to get to 1,000 subscribers fast, but it’s one of them and it’s basically full-proof. It WILL work, you just need to make it work.

There’s a Few Things You’ll Need:

  1. A domain name…(Keep it short, memorable and to the point!)
  2. An Autoresponder… SENDER, Aweber, MailChimp or iContact account
  3. A simple opt-in page
  4. Something COOL to give-away for those who opt-in (Free report or video, etc…) – Even if it’s a solid 10 page report with good information, that’s more than enough!
  5. A “report cover” for your give-away…an image.
  6. A good affiliate program to promote.
  7. Set aside 30 minutes a day (for marketing)
  8. Writing some articles (yes, get over it, you’ll have to write a bit).

Here’s The FORMULA:

Step 1: Grab your Domain Name

I suggest using NameCheap.com or Moniker.com (long story why I won’t recommend GoDaddy for the long-term of your business, just take my word for it).

Step 2: Get your opt-in page done, up and running.

If you need help getting it designed on the cheap, the best place I can recommend for fast, quality and inexpensive work is Freelancer.com

Step 3: Your Free Give-Away

Take a few days and put together a FREE report. I can get into strategies on how to make these reports later, but for now, write a quick outline and just WRITE (or outsource it).

Step 4: Get The Free Report Cover Designed

Again, the easiest place to get this done “on the cheap” is Freelancer.com or you can do it yourself (if you know how) – there are even some free software to do this, but they turn out ugly.

I say spend the $20 and get a nice one designed, it’ll help in your conversions.

Step 5: Grab Your Autoresponder account.

For example SENDER, Aweber or iContact Use any one of them or one of the other autoresponder services that are out there.

Step 6: A Good Affiliate Program To Promote

Go to Clickbank.com and just grab a good product you like, get your affiliate link for it.

Now, when you’re building your “FORM” inside of your autoresponder, (the one you put on your opt-in page), you’ll need to insert a “thank you URL”, this is the page the person goes to AFTER they opt-in.

Just insert the affiliate LINK here in the “Thank You” page location. This is the easiest to get started, you’ll basically be sending all your subscribers to a good high-converting affiliate offer (and start making money – trust me, it works!)

Step 7: Test Your Opt-In Page

Opt-in yourself and make sure it’s working well! Make sure you are taken to the correct “Affiliate Program” page.

Step 8: Time To Start Driving Traffic!

I’m really going to keep this SIMPLE for you. Many will argue with me till their blue in the face that there are EASIER ways to get traffic (they may be right). But, for now, this is ONE way and I KNOW (100% guaranteed) that it’ll work…

But, Before That, Accept the Following:

  1. It won’t happen over-night, it’ll take some time to build.
  2. You’ll need to invest at LEAST 30 minutes a day (if not more).
  3.  It’ll start slow (is kind of demoralizing initially) and then it’ll build up faster and faster, but you gotta stick to it.

Here’s Your Traffic Plan to The First 1,000 Subscribers

You can do it easily (with a bit of time), using just the following techniques (yes, you can do a LOT more too, but for now this will do):

Free Traffic Techniques:

  1. Article Marketing (Yawn? You say? Well, it works…)
  2. Forum Marketing
  3. Blog Commenting (But, on BIG Blogs only)…

Paid Traffic Technique:

  1. Article Marketing

    I want you to submit at LEAST 1 article a day for the next 30 days to the top 10 directories out there (as a minimum).
  2. Forum Marketing

    Find the top 5 forums in your market/ niche (ACTIVE ones) and start making at least 5-10 posts to each one every day. Also try to start a NEW thread in each one, once a day.

    But, DON’T SPAM – actually participate in the group and make valuable contributions. When you start a thread, start a good topic that will get following.

    Put a link (with a catchy phrase) to your opt-in page in your SIGNATURE file, this will stick around forever and get a lot of traffic. (I made my first few hundred dollars online using just Forum Marketing!)
  3. Blog Commenting

    This one can be a bit tricky, not all niches will have blogs that are ACTIVE enough to matter. But, find the TOP blogs in your space that get a LOT of traffic and TONS of comments.

    Subscribe to their RSS feed and be sure to be one of the FIRST to comment on their posts every time they make a new post.

Key TRICK Here: When the comment field asks for your “name” – don’t put in your NAME – put in a catchy phrase that will catch someone’s attention. Why? Because it’s the “name” field that they link to your URL (which will be your opt-in page)

In some niches, I’ve been able to get 100-200 visitors a DAY just from blog commenting, in others I could barely get 10.

If you JUST do those 3 free techniques, you’ll be way ahead of the crowd. But, if you insist on speeding things up, you can try “SOLO ADS” newsletter advertising.

I don’t want to get into crazy details here on how to do a good ezine SOLO AD. If you want more information on Solos Ads just do a Google search for training on them.

Running solo ads may cost you up to $300-$400, but you should be able to build that 1,000 subscriber list FAST (real fast) – maybe in a week or so!

So, there you have it. This is not rocket science. It’s just discipline and simplicity. You don’t have a business yet? Well, I just gave you the FORMULA for a 1,000 subscriber list, go get it!

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