How To Get Clear On Your Ideas

It’s 4:22 am as I begin writing this and I’m wide awake because my wife sent me a text from India and I haven’t been able to sleep since.

She’s had a breakthrough and I’d like to share how you can do the same if you are unclear about a new idea, project or business concept.

Nine days ago my wife left on a trip to India with her closest friend Erin. It had nothing to do with business, it was just one of the places in the world that she has always wanted to see.

My daughter and I stayed home so my wife had total freedom to just enjoy herself without the worry of making anyone else happy.

She also left with something else…   a rough idea for a business that she wants to start.

Through our back and forth text messages I started to notice something while she was gone. Her idea began to take shape. It grew from a fuzzy concept to something that started to make more and more sense. Having the time to think on it while doing something else that she truly loves (traveling) served as the perfect combo for getting crystal clear.

How To Get Clear On Your Ideas

I could sense the excitement as her vision for what’s possible grew  in her mind, and more importantly, she became much more clear on how to execute on that vision.

In 36 hours she’ll be back home and I’m pumped  (in  large  part  because  I miss her TONS… and I  think  we do a MUCH better job of raising our daughter together LOL).

Plus, I know my daughter really misses her as well… especially when she starts saying stuff like:

“Daddy… your toes don’t have a pedi… do you want me to give you one?”

So yes we are all excited to have her home because we miss her lots.

But I’m also really excited to help her make this business idea a reality.

If you want to get clear on an idea, do something different and fun.

Specifically, get out of your regular routine or environment. That’s what gives you the mental space to think. That’s when your subconscious has the freedom to work it’s magic. Otherwise if you stay in the same environment, you’ll be bogged down with everything else that is happening in your life.

I can tell that this trip has really done that for my wife. I think it can do the same for you too.

If you’ve been struggling to get clear on an idea, get out of your regular environment.

Stu Mclaren

Do something unrelated that excites you or lights you up. For me, that means something as simple as going for a hard swim, run or playing a good game of indoor soccer. It’s also the reason that I intentionally  plan 2-3 high adrenaline adventures every year (like skydiving, swimming with sharks, driving a formula one car etc.). For my wife, that means traveling to  a country that she’s never seen before.

What is it for you?

Whatever it is, make a point of putting it on your calendar with the intention of getting clear on an idea, concept or situation you’ve been wrestling with.

Don’t ask me how, but that good energy of doing something unrelated (and fun) will feed your creative juices and will help bring the clarity you need.

P.S. I shared what lights me up, what about you?

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