How To Post Launch your Product

Most of us are aware of the importance of a product pre-launch But did you know a Post Launch may be even more important?

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You might have read my advice before where I told you the easiest way to launch a product on autopilot is simply by scheduling e-mails in your autoresponder in advance, and having your autoresponder send those e-mails on autopilot.

If you missed it you can read it here… “Launch Your Products On Autopilot”

How To Post Launch your Product
How To Post Launch your Product

But what do you do after that product is already launched?  Guess what, it’s perfectly okay to hit your list with the same offer more than once. Just use leftover content, add upsells, and promote your next product.

Leftover content is the easiest way not  just  to  create  autoresponder e-mail, it also solves your “perfectionist” problem most of the time.   I don’t know about you, but I have created many products and then thought of a couple extra ideas after the product was already out there.  

Instead of going back to the product and updating it, I add that extra idea as a bonus chapter to my autoresponder sequence.

Did you record any interviews with other marketers when you launched the product?  Get those recordings if you didn’t record them yourself, those are now bonuses to be delivered as e-mail follow-ups.  

If seven days have passed, should your customers now be on page 5 or page 10 of your manual?  What should they have done so far? Send them a reminder e-mail.

Add upsells to your autoresponder sequence. Can you buy resale rights to a similar product in the same niche and offer it for sale? Does someone else have a related product with an affiliate program?  You can join that affiliate program and promote it to your post-launch list.

Maybe at some point you create another product in that same niche. This is a perfect time to e-mail your buyers of product #1 and get them to buy product #2.

I hope that gives you a few ideas about what to do in your autoresponder follow-ups and broadcasts to get people to continue buying after the first sale. You aren’t going to get rich off just one product, you need a product line, and it’s okay to e-mail the same offer over and over to your list until they buy

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