How To Write A Pre-sale Follow Up Sequence

You have a product. You have an autoresponder set up and a landing page. But now you need to figure out what emails you will be sending to those subscribers who come to your landing page and opted in your list and are ready or need to be convinced to buy your product. It’s very simple. The secret is using chunks of your sales letter as your fol- low up messages.

I don’t understand why many people think to make a 7-day or 14-day free course that is not in line with what the sales letter is talking about. Does your sales letter explain what people’s problem is? Does it explain why you’re the best at what you do? Does it detail what your project is all about? If so then that is perfect material to make into follow up messages.

If a section of your sales letter especially in the introduction and when you list lots of bullets can stand on its own as its own email message, use it. As far as what order you should have your emails going, I use the AIDA formula – attention, interest, desire and action. But I add a reminder email at the end.

Here’s how it goes. In the attention email, I set up what problem people have, what brought them to my sales letter or to my landing page. The next email is the interest email. I introduce my offer to them and maybe even go into detail about the most important or easiest benefit of using my system. Next is the desire email which lists even more benefits and features on the in- side to get them excited about buying. And the action email which tells them to go to the sales letter, I give them a link, they click and buy. Then the reminder email fol- lows up with them later and reminds them about what is on the sales letter.

If you keep in mind that your emails should only be about half a page or less, these are all very easy to write and if you use chunks of your sales letter to write these emails that’s even easier. At the end of this follow up sequence, send them  an email asking why didn’t they buy? I only began using this email as part of Armand’s 100-point checklist but that is my most responded to email.

In other words, if someone has not yet bought and that email goes through to them, many people will respond with a very common objection that I can handle and then use to make the sale. On the other hand, if someone is already on the list and has bought and they get an email asking why didn’t they buy, many people have re- plied to me assuring me they bought and that I can reply back and usually get a re- view or testimonial out of them.

That’s what should be in your pre-sale follow up sequence – chunks of your sales letter especially in chosen bullets, list out your emails as the attention, interest, desire, action and reminder emails and at the end ask why didn’t they buy.

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