How To Write Compelling Headlines

Your headline is the most important piece of copy on your sales page.

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Being able to write compelling headlines is a skill that will set you apart from others who are also working to promote their products and services on  the  Internet.  Once  you  learn  how this can be done effectively you will sell more products and be able to help others with writing their web sales copy.

How To Write Compelling Headlines
Write Compelling Headlines

The goal of your headline is to grab the attention of your reader or prospect and make  them  want  to  continue  reading down your page to see if they will make a purchase. If  someone is not interested immediately and compelled to keep reading you will have lost them forever.

That’s why the headlines we write are so important to our business.

There are many schools of thought  on how to write headlines that get attention and which styles are the best, but I like to keep it simple by using just five types of  writing  for  this.  They  include:

  • The command
  • The testimonial
  • The question
  • News
  • How to

I will give examples of each of these here.

The command  tells the reader  exactly what they should do and how it will benefit them. Writing such as ‘Build An Online Business In The Next Two Weeks’ is a command that address the needs and desires of our prospects.

‘Improve Your Dog’s Health’ and ‘Look Younger  And Have More Energy’ are also examples of this style of headline writing.

Testimonials  are always  good  because someone else is singing our praises and giving  social  proof  that  what  we  are teaching  really works.  ‘Connie’s  Mentoring Increased My Business By 50%’ is very powerful.

You must include the person’s full name, (using their initials is a terrible idea!) along with their city, a website address if they have one, and their  picture. I also like to have them record a short audio where they say the same thing as what I have written.

The Question, ‘Are You Worried About The Prices Of Real Estate In Your Neighborhood?’ is an example of a question that gets the prospect thinking about their own situation.

The news approach only works well  if what you are sharing is truly newsworthy. ‘Introducing A Weekly Program To Get Started With Your  Own Business’ could be effective if you are releasing a program that is innovative and special.

The last one is the “How To” and I  have found it to be extremely effective. ‘How To Build Bird Houses That Attract Birds And Can Be Set Up Quickly’ would be an example of that.

The best way to write effective  head- lines and web sales copy is to practice writing every day. Soon you will come up with copy that is to the point and encourages readers to buy.

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