Is It On The Calendar Yet?

The sooner you start using a calendar to organize yourself instead of a super long task list, the sooner you’ll get everything done faster and ensure that you deliver on your promises. I use Google Calendar to manage my calendar.

This is cool because it’s built in to G-mail. There’s already a calendar tab in there. What’s also great is that you can synchronize this calendar to your Smart Phone which means your Android, iPhone or Blackberry device. In addition to that, because it’s based on G-mail, it is web-based and you can get to it from any computer from anywhere.

Is It On The Calendar Yet?

But what’s also great is that you can add people and give them full or partial ac- cess to your calendars. That means if you have a virtual assistant or a business part- ner or mastermind, you can show when you’re busy or not and even decide if you want to share what you are in fact busy doing. You can give different levels of access and many people can share access with you and it’s all displayed on one centralized calendar.

I use my Google Calendar to figure out what emails I will be sending throughout the week. I will schedule in the calendar the topics of each email and then it now becomes easier to move emails around and figure out what I’m launching next.

But I add more to that calendar than just emails. If I’m holding a webinar on a certain day or I’m being interviewed or tending someone else’s webinar or even just setting up a launch – I will add that to the calendar. If I am taking part in a private meeting with someone, not only will I schedule this and go to meeting but I will then copy the invitation link on to my calendar and set at a specific time and date so that if anyone else with this shared calendar belongs in the meeting, they will have a proper reminder and so will I. What’s cool about Google Calen- dar is when an appointment comes up, it will pop up on your Smart Phone and on your browser as well if you have it open.

Make sure to add any deadlines you have in that calendar – for example, taxes, projects or assignments – because you can adjust how soon before that dead- line you get reminded. And even if you just need to remind yourself that today is trash day or to call a certain person on the phone, just add it as part of your calendar and when the time comes, you’ll get that popup notification.

To make sure you get a whole lot more done, use your Google Calendar which you can get at and if you already use G-mail, this is built in. Use it to schedule your emails, launches, meetings, deadlines, reminders and more.

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